X (Twitter) has paid almost $20M to creators, CEO says

The company formerly known as Twitter has paid out nearly $20 million to creators, according to a post from X CEO Linda Yaccarino. The platform, now called X, began paying creators in July for a shar

It’s not clear X CEO Linda Yaccarino knew about Elon Musk’s plan to charge for X

In a live chat earlier this month, Elon Musk said X would charge users “a small monthly payment” to use its service — a necessity, he explained, in order to combat the “vast ar

X will be profitable in 2024, CEO claims in tense interview

According to X CEO Linda Yaccarino, the company formerly known as Twitter will be profitable by early 2024. “Now that I have immersed myself in the business, and we have a good set of eyes on wh

X will make audio and video calls a premium subscriber-only feature

Last month X CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that video calls would be coming to the app formerly known as Twitter as part of its transition into an “everything app.” Now, new code in the X

Bluesky saw record usage after Elon Musk announced plans to charge all X users

Social network Bluesky once again benefited from Elon Musk's missteps with X, the network formerly known as Twitter.

X is shutting down its Circle feature in October

Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, is shutting down its Circle feature — bringing an end to its glitchy history — which allowed users to share a post only with a set of people. It was the social

Donald Trump Jr.’s X account was hacked, spokesperson confirms

Donald Trump Jr.’s account on X (formerly Twitter) was hacked on Wednesday morning. The account published a post that falsely claimed that his father, former president Donald Trump, had passed a

Elon Musk says X will charge users ‘a small monthly payment’ to use its service

X owner Elon Musk today floated the idea that the social network formerly known as Twitter may no longer be a free site. In a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Twitter/X rival T2 rebrands as ‘Pebble,’ saying the old name was never meant to be permanent

An X challenger didn’t hide its ambitions to take on the social network formerly known as Twitter when it dubbed itself T2 at launch, but now that name — one which indicates a desire to bu

X’s crowdsourced fact-checking system will now let contributors consider opposing viewpoints

X (formerly Twitter) this week changed how its crowdsourced fact-checking Community Notes feature works. In the new design, users will be able to review all the notes that have been proposed as annota

X launches account verification based on government ID

X, formerly Twitter, has launched government ID-based account verification for paid users to prevent impersonation and give them benefits such as “prioritized support.” The social network

X Corp faces Dutch privacy class action over MoPub data trading

Make way for another Dutch class action privacy damages lawsuit — this one targeting the company formerly known as Twitter (now X Corp); and MoPub, the mobile ad platform it used to own (before

X, formerly Twitter, caught running unlabeled ads in users’ Following feeds

X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has been caught running unlabeled ads in users’ Following feeds, TechCrunch has learned and was able to confirm firsthand. While scrolling the Following

X updates its terms to ban crawling and scraping

Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, has updated its terms of service to prohibit scraping and crawling — likely to fend off any AI models training on its data. The new terms, which are effective fr

Twitter alternative T2 gets its own For You feed, but won’t force it as the default

The would-be Twitter rival T2 has already launched a number of features hoping to capture the attention of Twitter’s fleeing users, including built-in direct messages and a verification program

X launches Community Notes for videos

Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced Community Notes for videos. Community Notes is an existing program for crowdsourced moderation. The Elon Musk-owned platform announced that

Elon Musk to sue ADL for accusing him, X of antisemitism

In the newest uproar you might have missed, Elon Musk says X, formerly Twitter, will file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League. Musk accused the ADL, an organization that works to c

X’s privacy policy confirms it will use public data to train AI models

X’s recently updated privacy policy informed its users it would now collect biometric data as well as users’ job and education history, Bloomberg spotted earlier this week. But it appears

X plans to collect users’ biometric data, along with education and job history

X, formerly known as Twitter, will begin collecting users’ biometric data, according to its new privacy policy that was first spotted by Bloomberg. The policy also says the company wants to coll

Threads’ web launch did little to bring in more users, new data suggests

Instagram Threads users had been clamoring for a fully functional web version of the Meta-owned Twitter alternative since the app’s July debut. But last week’s release of the anticipated w
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