• This Rilakkuma iPhone Case Has Ears

    I had a beautiful Rilakkuma iPhone case a few months ago but mine did not have ears. I am concerned that I missed out on something special. However, this one costs, inexplicably, $19 when the old version, without ears, cost $12. I’m no economics scientist, but ears don’t cost $7. Read More

  • The Wild Tale Of A Stolen Laptop In Soho

    Analytics ninja Sean Power lost his laptop in Soho – it was stolen, although it may not have been stolen by the man who had it – and using Prey he was able to track it to a particular bar near City Hall in downtown Manhattan. Sean got some snaps of the guy and his browsing habits and asked that some of his Twitter followers visit the bar to wait for the police. When the police… Read More

  • Seriously? This Scam Is Still Happening On Ebay?

    I’ve always considered eBay a haven for flim-flam artists, con-men, and fools but this takes the cake. The old scam – basically a fine-print ruse where you’re actually selling a link or a box or something while making it look like you’re selling the real thing – is still alive and well on eBay but now it’s taken a decidedly more commercial turn. These… Read More

  • Pneuborn Robotic Babies Will Claw At Your Dreams

    The store downstairs from your apartment specialized in junk. Its owner was a small man, his face sagging and acne scarred, his front shirt pocket bulging with a pack of Marlboros and his hands always, always fiddling. He died a week ago and his shop has been locked since. At night you hear a baby crying through the floor. A mewling, a squeal, silence for an hour, maybe two. You stare in the… Read More

  • Airship! This Bulbous Craft Could Launch In 2013

    Good morrow! Welcome to the world of the future! We present to the public a Miraculous and Orotund Airship for the conveyance of people, cattle, and cargo from All Points On the Earth To All Others! How does this Majestic Airboat Fly? Through the Miracle Of Helium, a Safe Gas that will bear aloft almost any Great Mass. The Original Problem of many Airships was the maintenance of Bouyancy. As… Read More

  • This Is A Book Xylophone

    Good morning. This is a xylophone made out of books. It’s running on some sort of sequencer connected to little hammers. To ask why this was built would be to ask one too many questions. via Roger Ebert Read More

  • WickedLasers Proves It Has A Short Memory With The Double-Handed Sith Laser

    Remember when Lucasfilm sued WickedLasers for using Star Wars imagery in their marketing language? Remember how they got a C&D? Well WickedLasers is doing it again with this wild, double-headed “Sith Lord” blue laser and I’m not sure George will be as understanding this time. Read More

  • Radiator Uses "Quantum Glass" To Heat Your Home

    Those of us in cooler climates are familiar with the common hot-water radiator. It’s old-school, but it works. 5.5 Designers have decided they’re too good for wrought iron and steam (or rather their client Saazs has), and have instead put together this insane device, which uses a special coating (creating what they almost certainly mis-describe as “quantum glass”)… Read More

  • Super Mario Bros. On Ice

    Hells yeah. I would totally watch figure skating if all the routines were related to video games. Halo on ice! Super Smash Bros. on ice! CS_Dust on ice! Having a fine looking lady as the protagonist would help, too. Unfortunately it probably won’t become a trend as Neatorama points out this couple came in second. Read More

  • $61,000 Phone Makes Calls, Texts

    Say, for the sake of argument, you’re a minor league baseball player forced to spend $30 million in 30 days in order to get an inheritance of $300 million, but you can’t keep anything you buy. How would you do it? Well, you could start by buying a few hundred of these $61,000 cellphones and give them to homeless people with some SIM cards! That’s right: the Æsir is a gold… Read More

  • Bow Before The Crovel: Combination Shovel, Crowbar, Hammer, Machete

    Sweet baby Grylls. This “Crovel” tool is absolutely monstrous. Its patent-pending hardened steel shape is alternately sharp, grippy, heavy, and jagged. The rope grip even detaches to form… you know, rope. $85? I’ll take ten, please. [via Uncrate and Gizmodo] Read More

  • Nintendo DS AR Card Tattoo (Possibly Sharpie) Indicates Extreme Fanboy Levels

    There’s no way to tell for sure that this is a tattoo of the regular and not the sharpie variety, but it’s a crazy idea either way. As we’ve seen, you can scribble your own AR card with magic markers, so this guy thought (naturally) “maybe I’ll just get it tattooed on my arm!” And he did. Or didn’t. Either way, it works, and it’s Nintendo… Read More

  • Carry Your iPad 2 In The Pockets Of These Tactical Pants

    Who says the iPad 2 isn’t pocketable? You just need the right pants and Tactical Pants Blog found three with pockets boss enough to hold the iPad. Because that’s what the world needs. People walking around with iPads in their pockets. Read More

  • Video: Online Kiss Transmission Device

    I don’t know how to start, so here we go: students from the Japan’s University of Electro-Communications have created a device that (kind of) makes it possible to transmit kisses over the web, from one person to the other. The way it works is that you use your tongue to move a piece of plastic, which is attached to a connected box, to simulate a kiss. Read More

  • Drone Ships To Run On Sediment Sucked From The Sea Floor

    Drone warships may soon be sailing under their own power using sediment sucked from the sea floor. How does it work? Well, the batteries create current by using the natural fuel sources in the water and from sea bottom dwelling animalcules. Office of Naval Research just did a patent on making energy with a combination of seawater and organic material at the bottom of the ocean. If this can work… Read More

  • Also, You Can Now Fabricate A Practice Brain Before You Operate On One

    Not only can you print Strandbeests, as I just posted a few minutes ago, but now (if you’re a neurosurgeon) you can take a high-resolution CT scan and fabricate a replica of the patient’s brain, so you can go hands on before cracking that skull open. I just thought I’d let you know that we’re printing brains now. O HELLO FUTURE Read More

  • Now You Can Fabricate Your Own Strandbeest

    Now You Can Fabricate Your Own Strandbeest

    3D printing service Shapeways is useful for everything from unprecedented puzzle construction to werewolf hunting. But this time they’ve really outdone themselves. You might remember the Strandbeests, a set of sculptures/machines that “walk” under their own power due to clever design by their creator, Theo Jansen. The originals were large and hand-made from light wood so… Read More

  • PenMoto: The Pen Holder Of The Future

    Are you a Wacom tablet user? Do you like pens? Are you a Wacom tablet user who likes pens? This guy has a product for you. Called the PenMoto, it’s basically a ring studded with magnets and a separate pen sleeve. Your pen is held into place by the magnets and you can spin it around like a Jesse James in the Rootin’ Tootin’ Wild West Show. It allows you to move the pen out of… Read More

  • Chinese Pirates Finally Get Around To Copying Windows Phone 7

    People always say “Superficial UI duplication is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that’s true then Microsoft should be blushing because this pirate “HTC” phone – it looks more like a Samsung Omnia – is paying them all sorts of complements. Read More

  • Review: SumoBags Titan Beanbag Couch

    When SumoBags approached me about writing about one of their beanbag chairs, I figured that since we write about games and gamers like beanbag chairs that it might be a good match. Little did I know that the Sumo Titan is one of the biggest freaking beanbag chairs I’ve ever seen. It is, in fact, so massive that I’d consider it a couch. It also gets bigger over time, thereby… Read More

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