• TAG Heuer (Re)Introduces Their Fancy Android Cellphone

    We’ve been hearing about the TAG Heuer LINK for a while now and it’s finally launching in July. It’s basically a very expensive, very corny Android smartphone with a few specific features including a crown for winding, presumably, the battery. It’s my opinion that if you’re rich enough to afford/silly enough to buy this phone you should probably just buy a nice… Read More


    It’s hard out there for a Alien Abduction Believer. You’re busy wandering near the desert with a .22 and some binocs and you keep missing your favorite talk shows while keeping our nation safe from the teeming hordes/slavering alien brood mothers at the border. What to do? Why not pay $139 for a flashlight/MP3 player combo so you can get your news fix will keeping an eye out… Read More

  • Odd Rumor: The iPhone 4S Will Come In 16/32GB Configurations

    I didn’t even want to dignify NoWhereElse’s “find” with a post, but Steve’s a good guy and maybe… and this is a big maybe… he found a case for the upcoming “iPhone 4S” at “Claire’s.” The best part is when Google translates his article the last line comes up as “So authentic dumpling or simple typo in your opinion? Read More

  • The Cansole: A Pong Console In A Can

    You can stick anything into a can. Peaches. Corn. (Very small) Apples. Or an Arduino board and potentiometer. The latter of those items allows you to create a playable pong TV pong game in a container the size of one of the old Pong paddles from the 1970s. While you won’t be able to eat the contents of the Cansole, you can make one yourself and play the age-old game of table tennis right… Read More

  • William Gibson Discovered The iPhone In 1995

    I was just rewatching the 1995 classic Johnny Mnemonic and, nestled amid the overwrought actors and odd storyline, I heard something that stuck out: mention of a Thomson Eyephone… or iPhone. If that doesn’t mean that William Gibson isn’t on the cutting edge of future-tech, I don’t know who is and I find it charming that he once thought that Thomson would survive past… Read More

  • Your Nightmares Have Arrived: Kinect-Driven Powerpoint

    While I can’t imagine anyone would want to perform the feats demonstrated in this video, what you’re seeing is basically a hack that allows users to control PC programs – including Powerpoint – using the Kinect. Why? Because it’s there. At IIT Delhi, a technologist named Ramaprasanna showed off his proof-of-concept demo using an unreleased Kinect SDK. Read More

  • The Start-Up Guys: Eerily Accurate While I think a lot of start-up folk have moved away from this sort of buzzword garbage, it seems that this pair still exists in the world of web-enabled iPad-centric hashtag coding for early adopting morphologies with high topological connection value. via Dvorak Read More

  • Strange Console Lets You Play Android Games On Your TV

    Say you really like Angry Birds. Like really. And you want to play it at home on a big screen. How would you go about doing that? Putting your phone in a projector? Dropping your phone in a fish tank to refract the screen? Or getting one of these decidedly odd consoles that run Android natively and include full joysticks and A/V out? The Evo 2 console has a Samsung processor, “Nvidia… Read More

  • Why Don't You Get Yourself A Nice Wooden Tie

    If you’re the kind of guy that always has to have some kind of off-the-wall tie, this could be right up your alley. No, it’s not pixelated, or LED-lit. It’s made of wood. Like real reclaimed wood pieces held to one another by sturdy elastic cord. Made by Wooden Thumb, they come in large and small (how large and how small isn’t specified), both for a very reasonable… Read More

  • This Tape Dispenser Is Likely Not TSA Approved

    It’s a tape gun. Get it? Happy Monday. $10 at BaronBob. [via RedFerret] Read More

  • Fan + Umbrella = Fanbrella (Video)

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko has outdone itself yet again: the company has announced the so-called Fanbrella [JP] today, a combination of a fan and (you guessed it) an umbrella. Read More

  • Comcast Pulls Funding To Filmmakers After Tweet

    Comcast donated $18,000 to a non-profit filmmaker’s group, the ReelGrrls, dedicated to giving young girls a voice and more confidence through film-making. One of the members expressed concern over the upcoming NBC/Comcast merger on Twitter, stating her disbelief that the FCC Commissioner Meredith Baker just quit to move to Comcast after approving the merger. Almost immediately one of… Read More


    Cast out from the ice halls of his father Othin, doomed to carry the world serpent in his teeth as he wings his justice across the face of the dead earth, great world-eater Thor is here to mete justice on us, his iron eyes hard over a blazing red beard. Woe betide he who looks upon his lover Járnsaxa with avarice for Thor mess not with that sort of thing and will totally flatten you. Why do… Read More

  • Star Wars Acetate Sells For $40,000

    If you’re a fan of Spock, Orko, Sulu, and all the rest of those great Star Wars characters, you may want to get out a few thousand dollars when the acetate crawls from the original movies come back on the market because they’re clearly going cheap. For example, at a relatively unpublicized auction someone picked up the original Empire Strikes Back crawl for a mere $40,000… Read More

  • This Revolver Camera Shot A Picture And A Bullet Simultaneously

    I actually can think of good reasons for something like this to exist. Maybe for police pistols, for instance? Still, it’s a bit creepy, especially if those pictures on the side there were taken with live film and live ammo. Hopefully they were just for demonstration. The camera is in the Dutch National Archives Flickr stream, but is given a “New York, 1938” locality. Maybe… Read More

  • This Is A Piranha Plant USB Keychain For Today's Stylish Man

    As an adult man, you have many responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is to look great. How can you look great? By carrying a USB key with exposed traces shaped to look like a Piranha Plant, that’s how. And how much does this magical product cost? $9.99. Just cheap enough for today’s man to look really classy and not force said man to skip lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet. Read More

  • Acer: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Make Your Laptops Look Like Candy

    I present to you Acer’s latest salvo against the coming of the post-PC era – the Acer Aspire One Happy 2. These things have a 10.1-inch display and run an Atom N570 processor with an Intel 3150 GPU and come in delicious candy colors (Banana Cream, Blueberry Shake, Papaya Milk, and Strawberry Yogurt) with mice to match. The will cost 299 euro in Europe and probably $300 when they… Read More

  • Fake USB Cable? Check. Hilarity? Guaranteed!

    This $5 fake USB cable connects to almost anything (bananas included) and lets you pretend you have some of the coolest gadgets in the office. Want to make a Bananaputer? It’s only a click away. Read More

  • HEX iPod Watch Band Is The Last Gasp For The iPod Watch Band

    While, arguably, HEX was first to market with their rubber sports band for the iPod Nano, they are now inexplicably creating more iPod watch bands for the millions of people out there who want to reduce the overall functionality of both their watch and their iPod in one fell swoop. The bands come in metal and leather and top out at $69 for a stainless-steel model. Read More

  • The USB Scalaupe Checker, Everyone

    Yep, it’s a USB camera specifically designed and marketed as a scalp checker with handy Twitter sharing tool! Because, you know, Twitter is the foremost site for sharing pics of your dandruff. $84 at USBFever. Read More