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    Ava promises to clone high-end wines without using any grapes

    Ava promises to clone high-end wines without using any grapes

    You’ve heard of turning water into wine, but Alec Lee and his founding team of bioengineers have taken to their San Francisco laboratory to turn molecules into wine. “We create the wine without any grapes, yeast or any kind of fermentation,” Lee, the founder of Ava Winery, told TechCrunch. Ava does this by analyzing molecular profiles of select wines and reconstructing them… Read More

  • Kuvée raises $6 million for smart wine bottles

    Because everything is “smart” these days, wine bottles are getting an Internet connection, too. Meet Kuvée, a refillable case that keeps wine fresh for up to 30 days. Announcing $6 million in funding from General Catalyst, Founder Collective and others, Kuvée aims to impress your dinner guests with a built-in touchscreen that tells you the history of the wine and also suggests… Read More

  • Underground Cellar Is A Wine-Buying Site That Rewards You With “Better” Bottles For Free

    Underground Cellar Is A Wine-Buying Site That Rewards You With “Better” Bottles For Free

    While the Internet is not lacking in places to buy wines online, a new Y Combinator-backed startup called Underground Cellar has come up with an interesting new concept for wine sales, where its customers are able purchase package deals that include random, free upgrades to premium, rare, and private-stash bottles from a number of wineries. These wines can then be shipped immediately to… Read More

  • California Democrats .Whine Over Proposed .Wine Domains

    California Democrats .Whine Over Proposed .Wine Domains

    Let’s see if we can do this without making any puns. In May, California Democratic Congressman Mike Thompson sent a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers (ICANN), asking that .wine and .vin domain not be assigned to “any applicant,” provided that worries concerning protections against cybersquatting can’t be resolved. Congressman… Read More

  • Point The WineGlass App At A Wine Menu, See Reviews And How Much To Pay

    Point The WineGlass App At A Wine Menu, See Reviews And How Much To Pay

    A wine menu is just a string of confusing French words to most people. But take a photo of one with WineGlass, and the app overlays reviews, tasting notes, and what you should expect to pay for each bottle on the menu. WineGlass could keep you from getting ripped off, find you vino you actually like, and make you a hit at dinner parties for just $5. Developed by a Roddy Lindsay, a six-year… Read More

  • Wine App Delectable Raises $3M Series A

    Wine App Delectable Raises $3M Series A

    Delectable, an iOS app that lets you find and share wine recommendations, has announced a $3 million Series A round led by Deep Fork Capital (early investors in Trulia and Oodle), DN Capital, and Ceyuan Ventures. Other investors include Max Levchin, David Sacks (the founder of Yammer), Joes Lonsdale, and Gary Vaynerchuck. Delectable will use its new funding to grow its engineering team and… Read More

  • Wine Discovery App Drync Guzzles $2.1 Million, Arrives On iPad

    Wine Discovery App Drync Guzzles $2.1 Million, Arrives On iPad

    Having a good wine and want to remember it later? A mobile app called Drync has proven handy in helping you do just that, by offering a simple way to “scan” the bottle in front of you in order to identify it, then mark it as a favorite so you can order it again or have it sent to your home. Now, the company has raised and additional $2.1 million in outside funding to continue… Read More

  • Tesco Will Work With A South African Empowerment Project To Create The First “Social” Wine. This Won’t End Well

    Tesco Will Work With A South African Empowerment Project To Create The First “Social” Wine. This Won’t End Well

    I usually don’t like potentially viral feel-good PR BS from tech companies – let alone grocery chain Tesco – but, as a lush, I’m slightly intrigued by this campaign. Basically the chain is working with a South African empowerment group called Enaleni Community to produce a wine. To quote the release, “the wine’s grape, name and design will all be… Read More

  • Likelii Is A Database Of Booze That Bends To Your Whims

    Likelii Is A Database Of Booze That Bends To Your Whims

    Because I am a conessueir conneseur lover of fine wines, cordials, spirits, toner, rubbing alcohol, and cooking sherry, I find myself often dealing with entrepreneurs who are focused on the selection and sale of these fine beverages. Luckily, these websites are getting better and better. Take Likelii, for example. The team there has created a sort of Pandora for booze, building a unique DNA… Read More

  • Winestyr, A Craft Booze Marketplace, Offers Wine “Playlists” To Help You Choose

    Winestyr, A Craft Booze Marketplace, Offers Wine “Playlists” To Help You Choose

    As a hardcore boozehound, there’s nothing I like better than to create a mood by putting on a Rush album and drinking down a bottle of vodka. But what about special occasions like the birth of a puppy or a visit from the probation officer? Winestyr is a new wine website that hopes to offer “wine playlists” – wines matched to special events and life happenings –… Read More

  • Club W Hits $1 Million In Annualized Revenue In 12 Weeks

    Club W Hits $1 Million In Annualized Revenue In 12 Weeks

    If you love old Vitamin W as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to note that folks who are disrupting the staid old wine industry are doing well. Case in point: Club W just announced they’re on track to sell $1 million worth of wine this year, based on current annualized revenue. They also saw 11,000 unique visitors and 73,000 page views – acceptable numbers for a new business. Read More

  • Better Late Than Never: Gets A Mobile Website

    Better Late Than Never: Gets A Mobile Website

    Today, the online retailer for wine enthusiasts (with the killer domain name) is finally launching a mobile site at Like its desktop-sized counterpart, the new site allows customers full access to’s inventory of wine, gifts and accessories, site search with filtering, product details, account management, and of course, the ability to make purchases from… Read More

  • 8-Bit Vintner retiring geek wines

    Geeks generally aren’t associated with drinking wine; soda, beer, sometimes even mead, but rarely do you connect wine drinking with being a geek. Mike James worked really hard to change that perception, and made great strides in bringing a more civilized drink to the unwashed masses. He was at least partly successful, and became known for producing limited runs with names like Player 1… Read More

  • Social wine site Uvinum uncorks in the US

    [Spain] Just last week, Uvinum a Spanish grown social wine recommendation portal took their first step into the English speaking market with the launch of the UK version. Today Uvinum uncorks in the US, in a further effort to reach into mature ecommerce markets as part of their very quick, international expansion. Uvinum, led by founders Nico Bour, Albert Garcia and Albert Lopez (all… Read More

  • Luxury wine vending machine

    It’s not really a secret: Japan loves vending machines. So it’s not really surprising this newest (and quite unique) model is made in Nippon, too: A vending machine that lets you buy luxury wines through a pre-paid card. The machine is supposed to soften the negative effects the current recession has for wine lovers. Read More

  • Kalorik wine cooler keeps vino at optimal drinking temperature

    If you’re into wine, as some people are prone to be, perhaps you have some sort of fancy refrigerator or even an entire cellar where you keep all your bottles of Boone’s (that’s the best kind of wine, right?). Oh, interesting. Boone’s is actually “currently malt-based rather than wine-based due to changes in tax laws,” according to Wikipedia. How… Read More

  • Apple's "Brick" manufacturing process, applied to fine wine

    Everything is better in unibody aluminum. If bikes hadn’t already proven this, then the new MacBooks did (ish), and if you still aren’t convinced, then feast your eyes on these little beauties. Volute premium portable wine’s aluminum bottles and wide mouths make them well-suited for, say, concealment at technology trade shows. No embarrassing Cabernet drip and glass… Read More

  • Amazon Is Getting Into the Alcohol Business

    Amazon has again announced that it will start selling US-produced wine to its American customers by the beginning of October. But before you start getting excited about buying wine online, there’s one catch: it will only be available to people in about 26 states due to interstate regulations, but the company is working with New Vine Logistics, a firm that specializes in interstate… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: eSommelier Wine Cellar Management

    I know, I know, but the eSommelier Wine Cellar system is actually really neat. The product scans a wine bottle, prints off a custom label, catalogs it, and can even provide live temperature and humidity conditions in your cellar. Software control comes from either a stationary touchscreen, or coming soon, a wireless touchpad. The whole system costs around $10k, so obviously, not everyone… Read More

  • Electronic cap keeps winemakers honest

    Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory’s Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) at the Department of Energy have created a special cap for wine bottles that “breaks” when it is tampered with, essentially confirming that a wine is fake or adulterated if it is forcefully removed and replaced. The cap contains a circuit and a special tie-dye style identifier and a… Read More