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Google Will Stop Supporting Chrome For Windows XP, Vista And Older Versions Of OS X By April 2016

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would still support Chrome on Windows XP through the end of 2015. The end of 2015 is getting closer and as Google announced today, so is the end of Chrome

Apple’s Power Nap Is Basically Microsoft’s Windows SideShow/Connected Standby

Isn't <a target="_blank" href="">Power Nap</a> an awesome new feature of OS X In case you missed it earlier today, Power Nap allows your MacBook to keep up to date w

Bill Gates Pitches Windows Vista, Predicts The iPad (2006 Video)

Five years ago, I was working for a Belgian company that published the only weekly IT magazine in the country, <a href="">Data News</a>. I was not a reporter, but in charge of i

Microsoft Sold 240 Million Windows 7 Licenses In 1 Year

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Windows</a>, Microsoft's ubiquitous operating

Prediction: This Statement Is Going To Come Back To Bite Microsoft In The Ass

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-197199" title="kathy bates misery" src="" alt="" />"<em>It looks like the iPhone 4 migh

Windows 7 market share growing

<img src="" />Don't look now, but Windows 7 is taking over. And while Vista is still in the number 2 spot overall, Windows 7 has reache

Windows Vista SP2 is good to go

In case you’re still rocking Windows Vista dispite Win7 being a freebie, SP2 is now available for you to download right from Microsoft. Vista’s second service pack updates both the 32- and

Microsoft to offer free Windows 7 upgrade for Vista computers purchased after July 1

<img src="">Microsoft has been putting together the Windows 7 Technical Guarantee Program and it appears that it’ll likely go into

Misleading ‘Vista Capable’ label could cost Microsoft $8.5 billion

<img src="" />Here's a tip: next time your company creates a snazzy marketing slogan make sure it isn't misleading. Microsoft may be

HP goes green with new desktops, display

This is the Phoenix. See how it resembles the mythical creature? As if being green were some passing fad, HP announced two new desktops and a display today. The HP Pavillion Verde Special Edition a664

Low-level MS guy says: Windows 7 is different, better

This enormous and allegedly unsolicited blog entry by an “ordinary Joe developer” (is he related to the plumber?) details some of the under-the-hood stuff that’s going on with Window

Video: Windows Vista running on the PS3, slowly

You can now run Windows Vista on the PS3. More accurately, you can emulate Windows Vista on the PS3; “now” is also somewhat inaccurate, as the emulation is so slow it takes some 25 minutes for the

Actual headline: Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer

What sounds like a headline from The Onion is from the real story of an area man who did get Windows Vista to work with his printer, but not without the help of Microsoft software engineers. PI report

Steve Ballmer: Be grateful that you can downgrade from Vista to XP

Flickr’d Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that consumers should be happy that they have the choice to downgrade from Vista to XP. (Remember, XP retail sales are set to end on June 30.) “I

Windows 7 driver testing now mandatory for hardware makers

Looks like Microsoft is serious about this Windows 7 thing. Starting Monday, hardware makers will have to make their drivers compatible with Windows 7 as well as Vista to get that coveted “Certi

Parallels nows supports Vista SP1, XP SP3

Parallels, the virtualization software that lets you run Windows apps on an Intel Mac, now supports Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The latest version, which was released earlier today, costs $8

HTC: Updated Advantage, Origami Shift, HTC P3470 w/ TomTom

The HTC Advantage, enhanced for your pleasure Not much new out of HTC this show. They updated the Shift to run Vista with the Origami Experience 2.0 (I saw these guys live at Red Rocks back in 1983 &#

Canadians Can Help You Upgrade To Vista, Eh

Despite what others might say, over the weekend I broke down and upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. I hit a couple driver-related snags, but was able to recover no problem. However, while I’ve

Criticize How Much It Costs To Run Vista Decently and Get Beaten Up By Readers

If you don’t have anything nice to say about Windows Vista then don’t bother writing about it. That’s the general consensus on a certain post on eWeek’s Microsoft Watch. One of

Halo 2 Windows Vista Edition "Drops" on May 22

Quick heads up for the many gamers out there: The Windows Vista edition of Halo 2 ships on May 22, despite what we said earlier. It seems there’s been a slight delay to address some last minute
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