Actual headline: Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer

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What sounds like a headline from The Onion is from the real story of an area man who did get Windows Vista to work with his printer, but not without the help of Microsoft software engineers.

PI reporter Todd Bishop first brought word of the man’s trouble not long ago on the PI blog and local geeks wanted to help, as Seattle-area geeks tend to do. One helper was a Microsoft test engineer from the Windows printing group, who went out of his way to visit the man and fix the problem.

To be fair, it wasn’t really a Vista problem, as the man was installing the original XP drivers on the Vista system, which didn’t work. After removing the old drivers and installing new Vista drivers, they were able to make it work.

However the point remains that of all the work put into Vista, shouldn’t there be something that tells you when you’re doing it wrong?