Western Digital Catches Up To Seagate With 3TB External HDD

Seagate has been pushing its 3TB-per-drive advantage ever since it put out the 3TB GoFlex back in late June. They used ’em to put 12TB into a 4-drive NAS, and I think some of that love must have trickled down to make this little 1.5TB baby possible. But their nemesis, Western Digital, may catch up in the coming months, having just announced a 3TB drive of their own.

The MyBook Essential 3TBis… exactly what you expect. It’s a MyBook drive with USB 3.0 and… yeah, that’s all. But what more do you need?

We’ll probably be seeing the new 3TB drives spread out to other Western Digital products soon, so if you’re a die-hard WD guy, just hang on for a little longer. The Register reports that the 3TB bug should spread to their desktop drives soon as well, which should be just in time for my new system to be built.