Western Digital has sold more hard drives this year than Seagate

Five hundred and fifty eight million hard drives were shipped in 2009. Think about that for a moment. Five hundred and fifty eight million. Of those, 175.2 million (or 31.4%) carried the Seagate brand name while 165.2 million came from Western Digital. According to The Information Network, WD pulled ahead in the first quarter of 2010, selling 51.1 million hard drives compared to Seagate’s 50.3 million sold. I guess that’s big news, if you’re really into hard drives, or have strong brand loyalty to the drive in your computer. Me, I don’t care so much.

According to Robert Castellano, president of The Information Network, the “mobile HDD market, which is WD’s strength, will outperform the desktop market, which is Seagate’s strength, in 2010.”

I’m still contemplating 558 million hard drives. That’s an awful lot of hard drives.

Via DigiTimes.