• WebMD Announces Layoffs; 14% Of Staff, $45M In Total Spending Cuts Coming Off Of A $900K Quarterly Loss

    WebMD Announces Layoffs; 14% Of Staff, $45M In Total Spending Cuts Coming Off Of A $900K Quarterly Loss

    WebMD, arguably still the go-to source for medical information on the Internet, today announced that it would be implementing strong expenditure control measures after revealing disappointing Q3 results at the beginning of November. The cuts include 250 positions, representing around 14 percent of WebMD’s total workforce, as part of operating expenditure cuts totalling $45 million. Read More

  • ChickRx Is A WebMD For Twenty-Something Women

    Health education websites such as WebMD have been around for some time now, but recently launched startup ChickRx has a slightly different take on the online medical information space. ChickRx is a health website and community for twenty-something women. Founder by two recent Harvard MBA graduates, ChickRx provides relevant, fresh personal health information to young women. It’s sort of… Read More

  • Medpedia's Health Platform Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

    Medpedia Project, an initiative we wrote about during its private beta launch, has unveiled a public version of its trustworthy, fully transparent technology platform for the worldwide health community. Combining social networking with Web 2.0 health information, Medpedia’s website offers consumers a Wikipedia for health information, a LinkedIn network for health professionals, and a… Read More

  • Will WebMD Lose Its Stranglehold Over Health Information?

    Rumors are back suggesting Revolution Health is looking to merge with another company. Only this time, it’s with another health information portal: Everyday Health. And together, the companies believe they can finally supplant WebMD as the most trafficked site in that space. According to the Washington Post, the companies are still engaging in negotiations and no firm plans have… Read More

  • WebVet, The "WebMD for Pets", Launches

    When you’re looking for reliable information about human medical conditions, you can always turn to health portals like WebMD, RightHealth, OrganizedWisdom or iMedix. But what if your cat has stopped eating or your dog has started losing its hair? You’d probably resort to Googling the symptoms in hope that you could save yourself a trip to the vet. WebVet is a content site… Read More