Webinar: Redpanda tells us how WebAssembly can benefit your startup

Don’t miss your chance to learn how WebAssembly can simplify and increase real-time application performance (and more) in your business.

With over 1M published apps, Google’s Flutter expands its support for web apps and WebAssembly

Flutter, Google’s open source multiplatform application framework, has been seeing quite a bit of momentum lately, with both Google’s internal teams betting on it for projects like the new

Google’s Firebase gets AI extensions, opens up its marketplace

Firebase, Google’s backend-as-a-service platform for application developers, is getting its fair share of new features at the company’s I/O developer conference today, but the marquee upda

Cosmonic launches its WebAssembly PaaS into open beta

Cosmonic, the company behind the open source wasmCloud project, today announced that its WebAssembly (Wasm) platform-as-a-service offering is now in public beta. In this open beta, Cosmonic is also in

Dylibso raises $6.6M to help developers take WebAssembly to production

WebAssembly (Wasm for short) is an open standard that enables browser-based applications to run with near-native performance. It has also expanded to support non-browser environments, which is what is

Docker launches a first preview of its WebAssembly tooling

Docker is still around and likely doing better — at last in financial terms — than during its early hype cycle that kicked off the container revolution (only to then be eclipsed by Kubernetes

Fermyon raises $20M to build tools for cloud app dev

Matt Butcher and Radu Matei worked on container technologies for years; “containers” in this context referring to software packages containing all the necessary elements to run in any envi

Fermyon wants to reinvent the way programmers develop microservices

When Fermyon’s founders were working at Microsoft, they helped build a lot of cloud native technologies. They noted that the development process, particularly around Kubernetes, was complex and deve

Stackblitz raises $7.9M to bring a better IDE to your browser

StackBlitz, a developer-focused startup that uses WebAssembly and WebContainers to give you a full development environment in your browser, today announced that it has raised a $7.9 million seed fundi