New Process Can Print Stretchy Electronics Onto Your Clothes

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a single-step process to print conductive material on cloth, allowing manufacturers to build stretchable wearables that can test vital signs like he

Misfit Debuts An Online Dashboard For Tracking Health And Fitness Activity Across Devices

Misfit has long since expanded its product line beyond its original Shine fitness tracker and now offers a range of devices from the more affordable “Flash” to the pricier Swarovski Shin

Salesforce First Enterprise App To Jump On Apple Watch Bandwagon

When Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of technology demonstrated how apps worked on the Apple Watch today, he showed some cool examples such as ordering an Uber and checking in to your hotel from the Wa

New Firm Combines Wearables And Data To Improve Decision Making

Humanyze, a unique new firm spawned in the MIT Media Lab, has developed a system that uses a smart employee badge to collect employee behavioral data, which it links to specific metrics with the g