• White PS3 DualShock3 controller already available in the US

    Has anyone else seen or purchased a white DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 in the US? A chap by the name of Henry sent in a few photos of a white PS3 DualShock3 controller that he purchased at a Wal Mart in Florida on Monday. Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells box of rocks disguised as Nintendo DS (twice)

    I’ve worked plenty of thankless retail jobs so I can sympathize with the grind but please, customer service people, check the boxes of stuff that gets returned to your store. A Nintendo DS box filled with rocks and newspaper was apparently returned to a Wal Mart store in Florida, then put back on the floor TWICE, and sold to a mother who gave it to her son as a birthday present. Read More

  • ASUS computers to be sold at Wal-Mart?

    Looking to build on US sales of its notebooks and netbooks, word on the street is that “ASUS is expected to start marketing its notebooks through Wal-Mart in the second half of 2009,” according to a DigiTimes report. Read More

  • Holiday E-Commerce Sales Fall Flat

    Online holiday sales deflated 3 percent this year. ComScore estimates that holiday sales in the U.S. totaled $25.5 billion between November 1 and December 23, the last day orders could be delivered in time for Christmas. The comparable total in 2007 was $26.3 billion. Sales were struggling to keep up with last year’s totals all holiday season. In the end, they fell short. (Hitwise… Read More

  • Bloops: AT&T outage coincides with Wal-Mart 3G sales

    BGR is reporting that some parts of AT&T’s network were failing just as the phones bought at Wal-Mart stores this weekend were getting online. Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells $197 8GB iPhone ($197$99)

    Yahoo is reporting that Wal-Mart is now selling the 8GB iPhone 3G for $197, $103 more than the $99 we were hoping last week. Not much else to report on this one but it is interesting to see the iPhone visit the hinterlands where AT&T and Apple stores are scarce. Read More

  • Wal-Mart to sell $99 4GB iPhone?

    The Wal-Mart/iP3G rumor has been swirling for months now and the latest tid-bit states that Wal-Mart will indeed sell an iPhone3G, but it’s going to be a 4GB version for $99 with a two-year agreement. Plausible? Sure. Read More

  • Online Holiday Sales Making A Comeback, Or Barely Holding Their Own?

    After a tepid start, online holiday sales seem to be picking up a bit. Online sales on Cyber Monday as measured by comScore were a healthy $846 million, up 15 percent from last year’s Cyber Monday. Online sales since Thanksgiving are up 12 percent to $2.4 billion. But overall online sales in November of $12 billion are still down 2 percent. Can sales make up the difference over the… Read More

  • Update on the Wal-Mart Black Friday death: Police having hard time identifying those responsible

    No story has ever annoyed me as much as the Black Friday death that occurred at a Long Island Wal-Mart last week. What’s worse is that, right now, it doesn’t look like the police will be able to identify the perpetrators. They’ll walk away scot-free, content with having bought some piece of garbage widget for $5 less than they would have paid on any other day. That, and… Read More

  • Every time you buy an HDTV an angel gets its wings (or the economy is saved, one of those)

    How were the crowds at your local Best Buy, Circuit City and PC Richards yesterday? Good? Great? Grim? (My local Best Buy was pretty crowded yesterday, to say nothing of the mall itself; parking space was at a premium.) To be sure, if there’s one item these retailers hope to sell this holiday season it’s HDTVs. Lots of them, preferably. Like it or not, but HDTVs have become the… Read More

  • Survey Suggests Nearly 30 Percent Of Online Holiday Shoppers Plan On Spending Less This Year

    The theme this holiday shopping season is frugality. J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan expects online sales to be flat this year. In a survey of U.S. consumers conducted by J.P. Morgan, nearly 30 percent of online shoppers say they plan on spending less this year during the holidays than last year. Nevertheless, online retailers should do better than offline ones. In total, including… Read More

  • Wal-Mart's Black Friday ad posted online officially: $128 Blu-ray player

    Big bad Wal-Mart, which supplies Main Street with the cheap goods it needs to survive, today officially released its Black Friday ad. Whoop-dee-do. Wal-Mart wants you to input your zip code in order to view your local Black Friday ad, so your mileage may vary. My zip code popped up a Magnavox Blu-ray player (the NB500MG9) for $128; a $798 50-inch 1080i/720p Samsung LCD TV; $15 Blu-ray… Read More

  • Walmart’s Black Friday ad is now making the rounds

    Lady and gentlemen (get it, one lady?) I give you Walmart’s Black Friday ad, home of the $128 Blu-ray player and the $798 50-inch plasma TV. Notable deals include: Read More

  • Wal-Mart to sell $128 Blu-ray player on Black Friday

    In the ultimate test to see whether or not Blu-ray is ready for mainstream adoption, Wal-Mart will be selling a Magnavox player for $128. If it creates stampedes like Wal-Mart’s $29 DVD player from 2003, we’ll know Blu-ray is here to stay. If people casually mosey over to the electronics department, glance at the tag, and head elsewhere, we’ll know that the… Read More

  • Someone is mad at Wal-Mart for selling the G1 at a discount

    What’s wrong with Wal-Mart? Low prices, friendly old people greeting you as you enter. It’s this close to Heaven. NOT TO SOME PEOPLE. Channel Web, for instance. They have come up with five reasons why Wal-Mart selling the G1 at a discount is evil, evil, evil. You can read the list for yourself—it’s hilarious!—but I wanted to point this one out: It’s Wal-Mart. Read More

  • T-Mobile G1s for Wal-Mart delayed a week

    Shipping delays have left Wal-Mart shelves bare of the first Android handset, the T-Mobile G1. It was originally reported that the mega-retailer would begin selling the G1 at a discounted price of $148.88 this week, but BetaNews has learned that this is not the case. “We’ve experienced a few shipping issues, but we’re working with T-Mobile on that,” said… Read More

  • Dragon covered Xbox 360 controller combo available at Wal*Mart

    In case any of my friends and family are reading this post then you should know that I’m in desperate need of an extra wireless 360 controller. The one you see above is exclusive to Wal*Mart and is covered with a dragon and what appears to be a female. It’s only $49.74. Again, I am in desperate need of an extra 360 controller, family and friends. Thank you. Product Page Read More

  • Wal-Mart's revamped online music store plays nicely with Mac, Linux

    Amazon MP3 and iTunes—the only two online music stores that really matter—have another competitor to worry about now that Wal-Mart has re-launched its own music store. The “new and improved” (joke: how can something be both “new” and “improved”?) store sells DRM-free MP3s, most of which are encoded at 256kbps; some are only 192 kbps. Individual… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 3G to be sold at Wal-Mart next month

    According to BGR, Wal-Mart may be carrying the iPhone 3G starting on November 15th. Also noteworthy is that it doesn’t look like the iPhone will be sold at Radio Shack, as previously rumored. Now, I’ve never purchased a cell phone from Wal-Mart before but here’s to hoping the activation process will be relatively hassle free, as I don’t remember ever seeing anybody in… Read More

  • False alarm: Wal-Mart will keep its music DRM servers online after all

    Wal-Mart will not pull the plug on the DRM servers for its online music store. You can put down your pitchforks now. The Arkansas-based retailer had announced last month that it would no longer support the DRM servers for its music store. Had it shut down the servers, all the DRM’d music bought from there would have been unplayable. But, you know, DRM is great, long live… Read More