GoGo inflight porn-surfing is GO!

American and Virgin airlines will roll out an inflight WiFi product called GoGo in about six months, ensuring that every douche with a MacBook — all of CG included — will now be able to Tw

Save those frequent flier miles, save $20,000 on your Virgin Galactic flight

I actually am pretty sure that the people who can spend $2,000,000 on space tourism are a different demographic from the people who scrounge miles to get free tickets. And yet, Virgin Galactic is goin

Virgin 747 to go from London to Amsterdam on biofuel

  Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airline will conduct a test flight at the end of the month wherein a Boeing 747 will fly from London to Amsterdam using an 80/20 blend of conventiona

Virgin Galactic reveals SpaceShipTwo, plans open-source starships

Burt Rutan and Richard Branson are doing their “deep pocketed space explorer” thing again. They’ve revealed the second version of their suborbital spacecraft, aptly called “Spa

Virgin games signs deal with Real Madrid, three games by year's end

Real Madrid, the nine-time European champions, penned a deal with Virgin, which will lead to three new “properties.” Madridistas can look forward to console (PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii and 360

CircleLending Becomes Virgin Money USA; Gets Makeover and Millions in Funding

Peer-to-peer lending service CircleLending has been taken under the wings of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire and rebranded as Virgin Money USA. Virgin’s US investment firm recently bought

Virgin America: Best…Airline…EVER

Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin flew on Virgin’s inaugural flight and has posted a great writeup. Oh please, please, please let this be the final blow to Northwest Airlines. I’ve been wait