• Crunch Report | North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges

    Facebook bans monetization of hate, porn, drugs and violence on its platform, some shake-ups happen at Baidu and WhatsApp, and North Korea is allegedly targeting bitcoin exchanges. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Facebook’s content moderation rules dubbed ‘alarming’ by child safety charity

    Facebook’s content moderation rules dubbed ‘alarming’ by child safety charity

    The Guardian has published details of Facebook’s content moderation guidelines covering controversial issues such as violence, hate speech and self-harm culled from more than 100 internal training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts that the newspaper has seen. Read More

  • All Games Are (In A Sense) Violent

    All Games Are (In A Sense) Violent

    In the wake of a mass shooting or terrorist attack the question of video game violence is raised. Games are often portrayed as little more than drug-addiction meets murder-simulator, and we game makers apologise endlessly. But we are not really being true to ourselves by adopting these apologist positions. In a sense all games are inherently violent. And this is a good thing. Read More

  • Congressman Proposes New Warning Label For Violent Video Games

    How many of you have played “violent video games” since you were a wee pup? I certainly have, and you don’t see me stealing cars or robbing banks, do you? Exactly. The most violent I get is when I boo the TV when stupid Manchester United improbably comes back against the most entertaining team in England, Blackpool. I bring this up because a congressman from California… Read More

  • Yet another violent video game debate (but one that doesn't demonize games per se)

    There was another “are violent video games evil?” debate yesterday, this time on BBC Radio in the UK. (We sure do cover a lot of UK-centric news here, don’t we?) A group called Mothers Against Violence, whose goal is the complete eradication of violence (OK…), debated games journalists, the radio show hosts, and the video game industry in general. The debate wasn’t… Read More

  • Fallout Holocaust: Experiments in ultra-violence

    Sandbox games are nothing new, but in general, most players try to play the game in the way the designers intended: be good, complete quests, and reach the eventual end of the game in an orderly fashion. Sometimes though, you just have that urge to be bad. Gamer and writer Alexander Gambotto-Burke has written about his descent into madness, and how purely visceral and difficult it is to play… Read More

  • All violent video games poised for ban in Germany

    Bad news for German gamers. (As I understand it, we’re huge in Baden-Baden.) A bill is about to be introduced to parliament, after having been rubber-stamped by all sixteen of the country’s interior ministers, that would ban the sale of all violent video games. What’s a violent video game? Any game “where the main part is to realistically play the killing of people or… Read More

  • Utah's anti-video game bill has Jack Thompson written all over it

    Have any of you guys been following this anti-video game/movie bill that’s currently bouncing around Utah’s legislature? It’s gotten attention for a few reasons, one of which is because the original version of the bill—it has since been amended—was either written by or conceived by (depending on to whom you talk) famous video game hater (and disbarred lawyer)… Read More

  • California law that banned sale of violent video games to minors found too restrictive

    The notoriously liberal, as if that’s a bad thing in and of itself, Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that that California law restricting the sale of so-called violent video games to minors violates “free speech guarantees.” The ruling upholds a lower courts finding and, naturally, has upset those who have made a career out of trumping up the video game… Read More

  • Sega's Wii gun for House of the Dead: Overkill can't be got in America

    House of the Dead: Overkill comes out for the Wii next month, and it promises to be a violent, superfun adventure for all of five minutes. (Kidding!) That said, the experience will benefit from this Sega gun-shell, which is currently penned for release only in Europe and Australia. What, America is too immature to handle fantasy gun violence now? Read More

  • WWE Superstar Randy Orton wants to see *more* violence in video games

    WWE Superstar Randy Orton wants to see more violence in video games, arguing that movie violence is far more detrimental to young kids than something like Grand Theft Auto. Yup, the pro wrestler recently defended our favorite pastime in an interview with Eurogamer, saying: Violence sells. I want to see more violence in games – the more blood the better…. The violence [in… Read More

  • British politicians freak out, say The Dark Knight too violent for its movie rating

    Oh dear, it seems certain Members of Parliament in the UK are completely outraged that The Dark Knight has only been rated 12A. Apparently the gentlemen think the movie is violent enough to warrant a 15 rating. Says Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative Party leader (and who now works part-time at Carphone Warehouse): Unlike past Batman films, where the villains were somewhat surreal… Read More

  • New York law targets video game violence

    Details are scarce right now, but New York’s Governor David Patterson just signed a bill into law that could lead to restrictions in video game violence. Good to see that with the worldwide economy collapsing around us New York’s governor is fighting for what New Yorkers are really concerned about. The law would create some sort of video game violence board, and would require… Read More

  • UK to apply ratings to downloadable videos, games

    Don’t be alarmed, but video game and movie downloads will soon carry age ratings in the UK. The Cousins, worried that such downloads are completely unregulated and unlabeled, will apply the new ratings to video-on-demand and other network services. The ratings will be handled by the British Board of Film Classification, the same organization that banned Manhunt 2 last year. The scheme… Read More

  • Tasers are all the rage with consumers these days

    Do you own a man-stopping Taser? According to today’s New York Times magazine—where’d I put my elitist latte and copy of Harper’s Bazaar?—more and more consumers are buying Tasers, especially the recently released C2 model. Available in a variety of colors, including a leopard skin print (tacky?), the consumer-level Taser does just enough to knock out any… Read More

  • Who says GTA causes violence?

    An 18-year-old kid in the UK was walking home after purchasing a copy of GTA IV when he was mugged and beaten by two ruffians who stole his game and broke his jaw. They were caught, likely for racking up a two-star wanted level. They should have hidden down with the bike in that alley. OK, this is getting way too real. You guys take care of each other out there, alright? The story here… Read More

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    Unreasonable Stance: GTA IV isn't violent enough

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own John Biggs takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. Like all men of a certain age, I love violence, drugs, and fast cars. But I definitely don’t love Grand Theft Auto IV. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Violence, hardcore-ness scared away female gamers

    Did violence, poetically, kill the female gamer? The co-founder of Atari and co-creator of small-time game Pong, Nolan Bushnell, says as much. Violence, along with gaming’s shift from short, fun little romps to long-winded epics—I do not have the time to play a 50+ hour game anymore, either—caused females to pack their bags and quit gaming altogether. Quoth the Raven: I like… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Stephen King on video game violence. Wait, Stephen King?

    Massachusetts HB 1423 is a bill to ban the sale of video games to minors outright. That’s right: under 18, you can’t buy games. Sure, you can watch Skinemax and see Hostel: Part II, but you can’t play Army of Two. Noted author Stephen King — the freakin’ Stephen King — is calling bullshit on this whole endeavor which, incidentally, smacks of the whole… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Doctor clarifies her games rating recommendation, says not meant to punish adults

    [photopress:calmdownuk.jpg,full,right] A little present showed up in my iTunes Podcast section a few minutes ago. The Game Theory podcast interviewed Dr. Tanya Byron, who’s recommendation to restrict the sale of violent video games shook the Earth to its core. She made it quite clear that her recommendation shouldn’t preclude adults from enjoying games like “Grand Theft… Read More