• CrunchArcade: Cigarette-like warning label could soon be on UK video games

    [photopress:healthwarningvgs.jpg,full,center] As we all know, violent video games like “Grand Theft Auto IV” turns children into trained, merciless killers like the guy from “No Country for Old Men.” It’s such a problem that a proposal in the UK will force game makers to put cigarette-style health warnings on packaging. Furthermore, if retailers don’t… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 now approved for sale in the UK

    [photopress:manhunt2aok.jpg,full,center] Manhunt 2 has finally been approved for sale in the UK. Normally I wouldn’t care, but we’ve been following this story since the summer, so this is more cathartic than anything else. Rockstar, the game’s developer, had twice submitted the game to a British rating agency. After the second submission, the game was sent to an appeals… Read More

  • Fewer and fewer M-rated games being made?

    [photopress:mrated.jpg,full,center] Are M-rated games on the way out? That’s what Next-Generation asked and it turns out—sorta—that yes, less M-rated games are being released. The publication took numbers from the ESRB and combined them with independently obtained numbers. The result is that graph up there (and several others in the piece proper). There’s several… Read More

  • Man charged with Xbox murder of his own daughter

    This cute photo is to counteract the horror of the story below. You’re playing your Xbox 360, you’re really into your game, and your 17-month old daughter accidentally knocks the console over. Do you: a) Chuckle to yourself about having a clumsy kid? b) Explain to her that she has to be more careful and give her a “time out”… Read More

  • Yet another hurdle stands in the way of Manhunt 2's UK release

    [photopress:manhunt22222.jpg,full,center] Oh, Manhunt 2. You’re a terrible video game that was banned in the UK some time ago for being too violent and should have been banned here for being so awful. Only a few days ago, however, it looked like the game was headed toward UK store shelves. Note the past tense, as now, today, word is that the British agency responsible for its initial… Read More

  • British Board says there's no link between violence and violent video games (right now)

    In defending Manunt 2 over in the UK, Rockstar presented research showing that there’s no causal link between violent video games and violent behavior. The British Board of Film Classification, the body preventing the game’s release there, agreed to a point: “The research certainly achieves the objective of establishing that research does not demonstrate that there is a… Read More

  • Comparison video of Manhunt 2 kill moves You know that if the controversial Manhunt 2 stayed in its original form, it’d be a damn fun game. But because some people in a church somewhere got their panties in a bundle over… Read More

  • People claim Manhunt 2 will destroy Western Civilization

    Here come the outrage mongers. As you’re well aware, Manhunt 2 comes out today. Predictably, all sorts of family-oriented “leaders” are up in arms over the game’s release. (Never mind that these “leaders” would be out of a job if they didn’t complain about anything.) The big, scary claim now is that children, my God children, could log onto the… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 launches tomorrow amid controversy

    How appropriate that Rockstar will be launching Manhunt 2 tomorrow during Halloween. The game has been under fire for months due to its extremely violent content. It was even banned in the UK and received an “Adults Only” rating from the ESRB originally, meaning Rockstar had to take some time to modify the title so it would receive a “Mature” rating instead. Says… Read More

  • GTA IV box art revealed via spy photos

    Some crafty photographer managed to snap some shots of preproduction (note the RP rating) copies of Grand Theft Auto: IV for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The box art is in standard Rockstar fashion, showcasing characters from the GTA series. However, there isn’t much “oomph” to the GTA: IV packaging is there? Looks like some people standing around with guns. Big whoop. Where’s… Read More

  • New York Will Put You in Prison if You Sell Violent Video Games to Minors

    At what point are video gamers, of which I am only nominally these days, going to tell their oh-so-concerned elected officials to stop fiddling with their hobby? Here in New York, our esteemed state legislature had a bill on tap that would make selling a violent video game to minors a Class E felony. (I just bought the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 on Sunday and was rather bemused to find… Read More

  • Why Video Games Don't Cause Violence

    We very rarely cover current, non-tech events on this site, simply because they don’t often overlap with our mission to bring tech news to a broad audience. However, I’ve decided to post on the various reactions to the Virginia Tech shooting from pundits who blame violent behavior on video games. Read More

  • British Flame War Becomes Violent, "Web-Rage" to Blame

    Proffering up NSFW insults in a chat room is part of being on the Internet to many people, including the editors of this publication, but “flame wars” are meant to be online, and that is all. There are few who take the remarks of the n00b on the other end of the t00bs to be anything but harmless text, but they exist. Our limey brothers from across the pond bring us this story… Read More