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How The Rules Of Cyber Engagement Have Changed

A series of recent breaches at United Airlines, Anthem and, most recently, Sabre Corp. and American Airlines are reportedly tied to state-sponsored cyber attackers. These attacks further highlight an

United Airlines Brings Highly Detailed In-Airport Maps To Its iOS App

No matter how advanced phone mapping technologies have become, stepping into an airport takes you back several decades into the era of physical maps. With no other way for unseasoned travels to get ar

United Airlines Will Give You Up To A Million Miles For Finding Security Bugs

Bug Bounty programs are great. Utilized by everyone from Facebook to Google, they encourage security researchers to dig up bugs and disclose them responsibly in exchange for rewards — generally mean

United Airlines Begins Offering Satellite Wi-Fi On Overseas Flights

United Airlines has <a target="_blank" href="http://hub.united.com/en-us/News/products-services/Pages/satellite-wi-fi-on-united-aircraft.aspx">announced</a> that inflight Wi-Fi is now available on the

And now United Airlines adds Wi-Fi to its flights

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/airplaneee.jpg" />Yup, another airline is poised to offer in-flight Wi-Fi. United Airlines has said that it will start use of Aircell's <

Google News displays '02 United Airline story and causes $1 billion run

Google News’ credibility is, ironically, in the news after the bots in charge decided that a 2002 news article about United Airlines then recent bankruptcy should belong under the “most vi

The XP login: The new BSOD

Former CGer and current PopMecher took this photo of a huge public display sporting a big fat XP login. It’s escpecially grand that this is in the United Red Carpet lounge. Nothing’s too g