• Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone with Project Wing at Virginia Tech

    Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone with Project Wing at Virginia Tech

    Alphabet’s innovation lab X has a drone-focused team called Project Wing which has just announced a plan to commence aerial burrito delivery, in partnership with Chipotle, on the campus of Virgina Tech next week. Project Wing’s mission it to make fully autonomous, or self-flying drones, that can deliver anything to anyone. But the X team is focused, for now, on delivering… Read More

  • 300ft Drone-Powered Hack Foresees A Future Stuffed With Eye-In-The-Sky All-Seeing Apps

    300ft Drone-Powered Hack Foresees A Future Stuffed With Eye-In-The-Sky All-Seeing Apps

    Hackathon hacks can lead to fully fledged apps and companies. Other times they are intended to be nothing more than a great hack. 300ft is certainly that: a neat hack, built overnight at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF hackathon, which pulls in “close to live” aerial imaging from UAVs (aka drones) so the user can check how busy a prospective outdoor leisure location is before heading out. Read More

  • Fighter-Size Phantom Ray UAV Flies Into Your Nightmares

    This fighter-size UAV is called the Phantom Ray and may have played a part in the recent events in Pakistan. Designed around the Boeing X-45, this UAV recently flew to 7,500 feet at 204 mph and has been spotted making flights in Afghanistan as well as test flights at Edwards AFB. Read More

  • One step closer to our robot overlords: the VTOL UAV

    Bad news folks, a defense contractor just revealed that they have successfully tested an unmanned vertical take-off and landing drone. This is getting just a little too close to the hunter-killers seen in the Terminator movies. Read More

  • Navy UAV sets endurance record of 26 hours 1 minute

    Twenty-six hours and one minute. That’s how long a new, unmanned, experimental Navy aircraft flew through the air during a recent test run. It’s called the Ion Tiger. There it is, right there. Read More

  • Meet the men and women behind the drones

    So everyone knows now that the military uses UAVs for actions in the Middle East. What isn’t as commonly known, is that the men and women who pilot the remote controlled aircraft do so from the relative comfort of a top secret facility in the Nevada desert. In some ways, it’s the ultimate video game. Read More

  • UAV Control: There's an app for that

    Why shouldn’t the iPhone be able to control a unmaned military reconnaissance aircraft? If you think about it, the iPhone is little more (ok, a lot more) than a souped-up Wii controller and we already know those little devices can control robots and such. And so MIT professor and former F/A-18 Hornet pilot, Missy Cummings, set out to replace the suitcase-sized controller currently need… Read More

  • More robot ocean-gliders taking to the seas

    We mentioned these ocean-heat-powered water gliders quite some time ago, and it seems they’ve become more popular in the mean time. These unmanned aquatic vehicles have proven to be a very efficient way of mapping and monitoring the oceans, and new types are being created by oceanographers to investigate this or that quantity or location. I saw one in motion on the BBC series Oceans, and… Read More

  • Air Force creating training program for UAV pilots

    I always wondered about this. Flying a drone is unlike flying a regular plane, and unlike telepresence in other arenas because of, well, the killing aspect. I figured they used a Last Starfighter type system to select likely candidates, but the actual training program will be much more practical (and less exciting). Non-pilots will be trained in flying an actual small plane over six weeks… Read More

  • Draganflyer: your personal six-rotor UAV

    While I personally am a fan of micro-dirigibles as opposed to the (IMHO) wasteful helicopter-type UAVs, this is certainly an awesome version of the latter. Its multi-rotor setup enables some serious agility, as you can see in the videos. If you’re filming, you might need some serious image stabilization, although it’s easily good enough for recon or aerial photography. There… Read More

  • UAV drone crashes in Pakistan

    I’m sure there are more of these scattered, undiscovered, throughout the Kush but it seems that Pakistan has found and captured an armed UAV during its reconnaissance of South Waziristan. “A surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), while flying over the Pak-Afghan border yesterday [Tuesday] night, crash-landed on this side of the border… apparently due to… Read More

  • Pilots of remote-controlled Predators suffering PTSD Interesting article over on about how some Predator pilots are beginning to show signs of psychological stress even though they’re not technically fighting on a battlefield. The pilots spend most of their time in air-conditioned trailers in front of an array of monitors, piloting the remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)… Read More

  • A peacetime UAV application: investigating hurricanes

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are in use all over the world for many things, but most famously for their role in warfare. Fantasy abounds and people picture UAVs or “drones” sweeping Iraq in formation, eradicating enemies with the “Terminator” theme in the background. Well, the drones are working to fight that image. NOAA is working on deploying some drones from Barbados… Read More

  • Ocean glider powers itself with water's heat, maps the boring parts of the Caribbean

    This little robot has been cruising the Caribbean for two months now, mapping out currents, temperatures, and other subaquatic trivia. It’s at least partially powered by ocean temperature gradients — the details are at the bottom of the article, I don’t entirely understand it but it sounds cool. It’s doing a boring but essential job and I think they should put a bunch… Read More