Here’s the teaser for the mini-drone DJI is announcing this week

DJI has released a video teaser for the new drone they are announcing at their event in NYC this Wednesday. When the company sent out an invite we assumed it was to announce a new mini-drone, and this video seems to confirm that.

While the video starts with aerial footage typical of DJI teaser videos, it also shows footage from a drone flying through tight spaces, like bookshelves in a library and construction sites. This basically confirms that the new drone will be significantly smaller than even the Mavic, which couldn’t fit in the spaces shown in the video.

And if those hints aren’t enough, the video ends by flashing text on the screen that says “don’t miss its SIZE.”

Rumored to be called the DJI Spark, photos of the drone first appeared in April. The version seen in photos appeared to be about half the size of the Mavic, but with fixed arms, downward-facing sensors and a gimbal that only moves up and down.

One thing that hasn’t leaked is a price. While this new drone will almost certainly be less than the Mavic, which prices at $999, it’s unclear if it will cost more or less than the DJI Phantom 3, which now retails for $499 and is the company’s entry-level model.

We also don’t when this new drone will ship. While it would be beneficial to DJI to start shipping soon — in time for the summer outdoor season (and Father’s Day) — the drone company has had a recent history of production delays dating back to after the Mavic was announced.

Watch the video above to see the footage from the new drone, and check back with us on Wednesday around 11:30am ET to see what DJI unveils.