• Intuit wants to turn TurboTax into a platform

    Intuit wants to turn TurboTax into a platform

    Intuit’s TurboTax stores highly detailed financial data for millions of users who import their W2s, their banking data, info about their mortgages and more. Right now, all of this data is locked into TurboTax, but the company is now thinking about how it can do more with it by giving its users the option to share this data with reputable third parties. As TurboTax EVP Dan Wernikoff… Read More

  • Fly Or Die Review of TurboTax for the iPad, Ditto, and Olympus E-PL1

    Fly Or Die: Can Ditto Get You Laid? Plus, TurboTax for the iPad

    Sex and taxes—usually you don’t see those two words in the same sentence, but on today’s episode of Fly or Die we cover apps that will help you with both. Well, sort of. This week, we take a look at Ditto, TurboTax for the iPad and the new Olympus E-PL1 micro 4/3 camera. Ditto is a brand new mobile app (iTunes) that helps you plan what you want to do and find people to do… Read More

  • This Year, Do Your Taxes On The iPad With TurboTax

    Last night, after much procrastination, I started my taxes—on my couch with a movie playing on the TV, using only my iPad. I was testing out an early build of TurboTax, which is now available for the iPad (in addition to the online and desktop versions). I got through the bulk of my taxes by the time the movie was over. Taxes are never fun, even on the iPad. But the new TurboTax iPad… Read More

  • SnapTax From TurboTax Will Let You File Your Taxes From Your iPhone (If You Live In CA)

    Nobody likes doing their taxes, which is why an upcoming iPhone app from Intuit called SnapTax is so genius. As you can see from the exclusive sneak peek demo video below, the app lets you snap a picture of your W2 form with your iPhone and automatically fills in your tax return. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to translate the images into words and numbers, which… Read More

  • TurboTax Fails on Tax Day: Bloops!

    The TurboTax forums lit up yesterday as hundreds of frustrated filers tried to press submit but only got server capacity issues. Hrmmm… the IRS only allows e-filing through CPAs or certain web services and those web services fail dismally. Sounds like the efficiency of the private sector at work! A typical post? Okay, so the deadline has come and gone and I still cannot get my filings to… Read More