• Truphone raises $339M to retire debt and step up in connecting IoT devices

    Truphone raises $339M to retire debt and step up in connecting IoT devices

    Truphone, a mobile company based out of London that made a name for itself through low-cost international mobile voice and data plans, is taking a very big step forward in a strategy to catapult itself into the future of communications: the company has picked up a massive £255 million ($339 million), funding that it will use to retire its debt and double down on providing data connectivity… Read More

  • Truphone now offers iPad data plans in the UK through the Apple SIM

    Truphone now offers iPad data plans in the UK through the Apple SIM

    Apple has yet to make any moves to expand the Apple SIM to devices beyond the iPad (despite occasional flurries of rumors to the contrary), but the number of carriers that work with the Apple SIM is growing, potentially laying the groundwork for a time when it might. Today comes the latest development on that front. Truphone, a UK startup that crafts low-cost calling and data plans for users… Read More

  • Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Truphone, a UK-based mobile network that lets its users make free or low-cost calls to other mobile devices, has today announced a large funding injection of £75 million ($118 million) from a group of investors led by Roman Abramovich, the wealthy Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, among other things. Abramovich’s investment company Minden accounted for £70 million of this… Read More

  • The Voip Feature Wars – Truphone's updated iPad app makes 3G calls

    Truphone has updated its application for iPad. The new version lets users place and receive calls over their 3G network and includes Truphone’s new Instant Messenger feature which was already built into the iPhone version. With the addition of 3G calling, users now have the option to make calls as part of their data package when out of Wi-Fi range, using 3G. This feature hit the… Read More

  • Review: Truphone for iPad

    Just when you thought side-talking was dead, Truphone has release Truphone for iPad, an iPad-ready of their popular VoIP service. The system uses the iPad’s built-in speaker and mic to create what could be the most ridiculous talking experience you’ve ever seen. The app worked quite well and if you’ve used it on the iPod Touch you’re familiar with the call quality… Read More

  • Truphone Is First To Provide VoIP App For Nexus One

    Voice app provider Truphone is releasing an updated app for Android which is compatible with Google’s Nexus One handset. That makes it the first VoIP client for that phone. In fact it turns out the Nexus One is going to be very important to Truphone’s overall strategy. The update for Android device (version 3.0.2) also makes Truphone compatible with the T-Mobile Pulse, taking it… Read More

  • JAJAH Connects 1 Billionth Call, Courtesy Of Yahoo Voice

    VoIP service provider JAJAH just recently turned three years old and is today announcing a more important milestone: according to the heavily-funded startup, the one billionth call connection on the JAJAH platform was made some time ago. Unsurprisingly, that call was actually made using Yahoo’s Voice service, which is powered by JAJAH after both companies forged a major partnership for… Read More

  • Mobile Communication Startup fring Bags More Funding

    Fring, the Israel-based mobile call and chat application provider, has closed a Series C round of financing on top of the $13 million it has raised since its inception in 2006. The capital comes from its entire list of previous backers: North Bridge Venture Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, Veritas Venture Partners and VenFin Limited all participated in the round. The actual amount raised… Read More

  • Skype Integration On Handsets: Threat Or Opportunity For Mobile VoIP Startups?

    Skype is (finally) teaming up with mobile handset maker Nokia to get their VoIP and IM software program pre-installed on some of its devices, as announced at the Mobile World Congress and reported by MobileCrunch. The eBay-owned company had 405 million registered users in total at the end of last year, and Nokia is still the largest handset maker in the world until further notice, so this is… Read More

  • VoIP On My iPhone

    While most iPhone users are stuck with an iBrick this morning as Apple’ servers can’t complete the last step of the upgrade process, those of us smart enough to take the unofficial upgrade route 24 hours ago are happily trying out new App Store Apps. This morning I turned my iPhone into a VoIP phone by installing the new Truphone iPhone app (Truphone company profile). One of the… Read More

  • Cheap Calls! Truphone Raises £16.5 million In Series B

    UK-based Truphone, a VoIP service provider for Wifi/data enabled handsets, announced a £16.5 million ($32.7 million) second round of financing today, adding to the £12.5 million ($24.5 million) they raised a little over a year ago. What’s that $50+ million being used for? Cheap calls! Like Fring and a slew of others, Truphone allows free calls initiated from between Wifi/data… Read More

  • Three Ways Startups Are Providing VOIP

    While the consumer “landline replacement” VOIP battles continue to wage (the cable companies now control over 70% of that market, and Vonage is still fighting), a number of nimble software-only startups are experimenting with their own services. All of them allow users to call normal, non-VOIP telephones at greatly reduced costs. These savings can be captured whether or not the… Read More

  • Truphone Wins Against T-Mobile

    Truphone , which offers free internet phone calls over WiFi networks, has encountered quite a few road blocks in their journey toward growing their VOIP startup. Some carriers purposely disabled VOIP features used by Truphone on their Nokia N95s. VOIP has been labeled a possible method for terrorists to communicate untracked. Finally, T-Mobile refused to interconnect with Truphone’s… Read More