Truphone Wins Against T-Mobile

truphonelogo.pngTruphone , which offers free internet phone calls over WiFi networks, has encountered quite a few road blocks in their journey toward growing their VOIP startup.

Some carriers purposely disabled VOIP features used by Truphone on their Nokia N95s. VOIP has been labeled a possible method for terrorists to communicate untracked. Finally, T-Mobile refused to interconnect with Truphone’s network and VOIP carriers in general, making it impossible to call T-Mobile numbers. The rule didn’t apply to fellow VOIP startup Jajah, in which T-Mobile was an investor, because Jajah makes the final connection to callees using the existing phone network instead of VOIP.

Today finally brings some good news, as the company has secured an injunction against T-Mobile UK, forcing the local carrier to interconnect with the service by Monday, July 23rd under the Competition Act.

We’ve included a video of James Tagg making the announcement below: