The Voip Feature Wars – Truphone's updated iPad app makes 3G calls

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Truphone has updated its application for iPad. The new version lets users place and receive calls over their 3G network and includes Truphone’s new Instant Messenger feature which was already built into the iPhone version.

With the addition of 3G calling, users now have the option to make calls as part of their data package when out of Wi-Fi range, using 3G. This feature hit the iPhone version of the app back in June.

Truphone’s Instant Messenger feature which integrates with Facebook, Skype, AIM, GoogleTalk, and MSN, lets users chat via IM with other Truphone users.

Competitors to Truphone include Skype, Fring and Vonage, which recently launched its app for iPhone and Android.

To be honest these Voip competitors are becoming indistinguishable in the “voip app” war, as one player adds another competitor’s ‘unique feature’ almost every day. It somehow seems more like a race to the bottom than something truly disruptive, or am I wrong?

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  • Margot

    I tried this new voip app Freephoo which works on both WiFi and 3G. Its quick and free to download it from get all your friends on Freephoo and you can chat unlimited for free. Its got good news for people making frequent international calls. By subscribing its premium pack, you can call fixed lines and mobiles in 58 premium countries.

    • DerekD

      Thanks for the suggestion, Margot… I got freephoo as well. I was amazed how quick and easy it is to download it. The first person i suggested it to and called was my Bro. we both could hear each other very clearly and without any disturbance. Now i am happily suggsting it to most of my friends :-)

  • Lisa

    i had been using Freephoo when i was in Sweden and now i am so happy that its in other countries as well. I am very satisfied with the voice quality and connectivity. As its free between Freephoo users, i discussed every little things with my friends. A couple of my friends tried their premium service and they were really satisfied. 

  • ChanX

    Hey Freephoo is in Greece, Turkey Portugal as well. that means same voice clarity and great connectivity can be enjoyed in these countries too. This app is a great hit in my friends’ circle and the truth is because of this our phones are getting some rest :-)

    • Alec Jac

      Really !!! thats great news. Some of my friends will be happy to know this as we all are on Freephoo network here in France. We roam around the campus and still talk to each other without any disturbance. Freephoo keeps us connected all the time and that too for free. 

    • Norman

      That means people at Freephoo are really busy always breaking new horizons :-)
      I am a fan of Freephoo as well owing to its good connectivity, clarity and unlimited free calls between users.

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  • Ben Torry

    A good voip app should have both WiFi and 3G compatibility. Freephoo has both and i am so happy that i am using it. Very impressed with the connectivity, smoothness and call clarity. I heard that thier international pack has been extended to Pakistan, Russia and Kuwait. 

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