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Facebook is rolling out a Trending News section on mobile, now with its own link

Facebook is rolling out a “Trending News” section on mobile that includes its own link in the app’s main navigation. This follows the company’sĀ earlier announcement this sprin

Facebook’s Trending Topics algorithm already screwed up

Well, that was fast. Three days after Facebook said it would remove the human editors who curate the Trending topics section and replace them with a purely algorithmic system, the company trended a fa

Facebook denies bias in Trending Topics, but vows changes anyway

Facebook responded today to official queries regarding its Trending Topics feature, specifically allegations made over the last few weeks that the team responsible for it was deliberately suppressing

Senate committee asks Facebook to answer questions about its Trending Topics

The Senate Commerce Committee sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to answer questions about Facebook's Trending Topics feature. Trending Topics displays trending news headlines and story summa

Facebook Launches Trending Topics On Web With Descriptions Of Why Each Is Popular

Following tests of Twitter-style Trending Topics on the web and mobile in August, Facebook today officially launches a redesigned "Trending" section on its web homepage's sidebar in the US, UK, Canada

Continuing The Twitter-Jacking, Facebook Begins Trending Topics Test For Some U.S. Mobile Web Users

Facebook just recently introduced hashtags to its social network, and emphasized real-time content repeatedly in a press event about its News feed yesterday, and now it's testing another feature seemi

Twitter, Facebook, and Airtime Are Waging War Against The Internet’s Stupidity

The Web is overrun with dumb hashtags, chart-topping fart apps, and guys just waiting to show you their d*cks. But with this week's launch of <a target="_blank" href="

Google News Tests Trending Topics

<img src=""> Google is already taking a page out of Twitter's playbook with the recent launch of Buzz, which lets everyone on Gm

Twitter Doesn't Track The Zeitgeist. Only 2 Percent Of Tweets Overlap With Search Trends.

<img src="" width="128" height="200" /> Whenever you want to take a reading of the current <a href="