• Apple Patents Integrated Heart Rate Monitor For Smartphones, Hover Touch Sensors

    Apple Patents Integrated Heart Rate Monitor For Smartphones, Hover Touch Sensors

    Apple has been issued a couple new patents by the USPTO today, including one for hover touch sensing the likes of which we’re starting to see rolled out in Android-powered devices lately like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Another patent issued today covers an embedded heart rate monitor that could add one more sensor to the iPhone, with potential for biometrics and fitness apps. Read More

  • Apple Patents Curved Touch Screen And Display Tech

    Apple Patents Curved Touch Screen And Display Tech

    Apple has received a patent for curved touchscreens and displays, according to AppleInsider, which describes a system for making curved touch sensitive glass. The method patented by Apple is designed to create a curved screen surface that remains touch sensitive without deforming or distorting the image the display would produce, and would be able to be used in displays, touch-sensitive mice… Read More

  • Gift Guide: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

    Gift Guide: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

    The Nokia Lumia 920 can be used with any gloves: it’s a miracle. But for the vast majority of other smartphones, that’s not the case, so there are a variety of sellers making touchscreen compatible gloves. Netherlands-based Mujjo was one of the first to try and make some that are actually stylish and durable, and they’ve been updated this year with a number of improvements. Read More

  • Microsoft Envisions A Future With Super-Fast Touchscreens

    Microsoft Envisions A Future With Super-Fast Touchscreens

    As solid as modern touchscreens are, there’s very often an subtly apparent sense of disconnect when you try to use one. According to Paul Dietz of Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group, it all comes down to latency — he notes average touchscreens have a latency of a 100ms, which yields a noticeable bit of lag between a user touching a screen and the screen displaying a reaction… Read More

  • Microsoft RearType Research Project Has Its Rear In Gear

    Some people complain about the direction of touch panels. Complaints about losing a physical keyboard are some of the biggest. Certainly typing anything larger than a page can begin to feel numb on a touch device. So why not put the keys in the back? Read More

  • Panasonic's paperless, stylus-compatible fax/phone combo with 4.9-inch touchscreen

    Fax isn’t dead, at least not in Japan. In January last year, Panasonic introduced the “world’s first” paperless fax machine for the Japanese market. And today, the same company announced [JP] the KX-PW821, which is (according to Panasonic) the “world’s first” stylus-compatible fax/phone combo. In other words, it allows users to directly write messages… Read More

  • Jolicloud 1.0 will support some touch displays out of the box

    Joilcloud, is a Linux-based operating system for small devices (e.g. netbooks and touchscreens). The new version 1.0 now supports a long list of touchscreen devices right out of the box. Check out the video of it in action showing off the new HTML 5 interface. Looks pretty cool. Read More

  • Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D display for ebook readers, tablets

    It was just a matter of time, but now Sharp has unveiled a 10.6-inch display [JP], which is 3D, can be used without glasses and is suitable for e-book readers, tablet PCs and digital photo frames. Just like with the 3D TV the company showed today, technical details are relatively scarce (both devices were publicly shown for the first time today). Read More

  • For the Nintendo 3DS? Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D touchscreen [Update: Video]

    Glasses-free 3D displays for mobile devices are nothing new. Hitachi, for example, started selling a 3D-enabled handset [JP] in Japan as early as last year. The Hitachi product didn’t make much of a splash, but Sharp’s new parallax barrier-based 3D display for mobile devices (which the company announced today) appears to be pretty cool. Read More

  • The iTable continues to develop and show gaming potential

    We’ve told you about the iTable before, and PQ Labs. They showed off their latest stage in the development process at CeBIT this year, by installing the screen into a coffee table. The newest version can register up to 32 touch points and actually determine the shape of the object being placed on the screen. Read More

  • zForce touchscreens from Neonode

    Anyone remember Neonode? Apparently we do, but not very well. Anyway, these guys are back with a range of touchscreen panels called zForce. These pads range from 5 to 13 in. widescreen models, and are supposed to have plenty of advantages over current resistive and capacitive panel systems. Well that certainly sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Read More

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