Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D display for ebook readers, tablets

<img src="" /> It was just a matter of time, but now Sharp has unveiled <a href="

For the Nintendo 3DS? Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D touchscreen [Update: Video]

<img src="" /> Glasses-free 3D displays for mobile devices are nothing new. Hitachi, for example, started selling a <a href="h

The iTable continues to develop and show gaming potential

<img src="" />We've told you about <a href="

zForce touchscreens from Neonode

Anyone remember Neonode? Apparently we do, but not very well. Anyway, these guys are back with a range of touchscreen panels called zForce. These pads range from 5 to 13 in. widescreen models, and are

Petit Petit touchscreen app: Interesting four-dimensional contact management tool

<img src="">This strange app is a touchscreen interface that connects people, places, and things using "clouds" of items and people.

E-E-book readers for kids. The first "E" stands for educational.

With all the flaws that e-book readers have, they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. VTech, makers of fine educational electronics, are rolling out the Flip animated e-book reader, so now

Virtual guitar pedalboard interface

If you have a friend who is a “serious” guitarist, you probably know how they love to show off their pedal collection. A dizzying array of brightly colored metal housings that more often t

Samsung looks to mass produce 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen displays

Standard, boring LED screens: your days are numbered! Samsung announced today that it will begin mass producing AMOLED displays with touch functions built right in. The displays will be 3.3″ WVG

Kodak launches Slice touchscreen camera

<img src="" />Kodak pretty much started the point and shoot camera market, but they've been behind for a while as far as

TDK develops method to tint touchscreens

<img src="" /> I'm not really sure if that's something a lot of gadget freaks were waiting for, but here we go: TDK has found a

Video: The Ring Wall is the world's largest touchscreen

<img src="" />Your iPhone or Zune HD has nothing on this. It's the Ring Wall, the world's largest touchscreen interface. It was designe

Is that the HP Pavilion dv3? Yes, yes it is.

<img src="" />Oh my God is that the HP Pavilion dv3, complete with a fancy touchscreen? Oh my God it is! And is that the Engadget wa

PC-Z1: Sharp's Ubuntu-powered, touchscreen "Mobile Internet Tool"

<img src="" /> In Japan, Sharp has been known for their ultra-mobile Zaurus for quite a while now, and today, the company added a new m

Fujifilm's Z300 offers touchscreen shooting

<img src="" /> Fujifilm yesterday <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the Fi

Your touchscreen phone may someday feature pop-up buttons

<img src="" alt="screen" />Wow, hats off to some of the eggheads at Carnegie Mellon. They've developed a touchscreen that can actually

Taiwanese company files patent suit against Apple

<img src="" /> Potentially bad news for Apple coming from Asia. A Taiwanese company called <a href="

Video: Second Generation Surface

<img src="" />In two to three years we will have the next gen. Surface. It will feature a second projector that will project images abov

Video Review: Philips Prestigo SRT 9320 fancy-pants touchscreen remote control

<img src="" />There's an episode of Seinfeld (“<a HREF="">The Slicer</a>”) where George and J

MIT creates a ‘sixth sense’ gadget: Less exciting than it sounds

<img src="" alt="6thsense" title="6thsense" width="250" height="341" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-70319" />Those eggheads at MIT

Microsoft making a big investment in Surface

<img src="" /> Microsoft is spending quite a bit of money to make sure you are going to be able to use their Surfac
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