Jolla’s Sailfish OS now certified as Russian government’s first ‘Android alternative’

The future for one of the few remaining alternative mobile OS platforms, Jolla's Sailfish OS, looks to be taking clearer shape. Today the Finnish company which develops and maintains the core code, wi

Google signs on to the .NET Foundation as Samsung brings .NET support to Tizen

Microsoft is hosting its annual Connect(); developer event in New York today. With .NET being at the core of many of its efforts, including on the open-source side, it’s no surprise that the ev

A closer look at Samsung’s connected Family Hub Refrigerator

Imagine for a moment that you’re a fly on the wall of a Samsung executive board meeting. It’s pretty easy to imagine why the Family Hub Refrigerator seemed like a great idea. Someone probably said

Samsung’s Tizen Smartphones Could Have Potential In Emerging Markets After All

A new report from Counterpoint Research suggests that the Samsung Z1, the aforementioned $91 device, was the top selling smartphone in Bangladesh in Q1 2015. The report did not provide an estimation f

Russia To Pay Local Devs To Migrate Apps To Tizen, Sailfish

The Russian Federation is intending to support alternative mobile platforms, with a Minister promising grants for developers to migrate their apps from Android and iOS to the Samsung-led Tizen open so

Samsung Launches Its First Tizen-Powered Phone, The Z1, In India For $92

After plenty of speculation and aborted launches last year, Samsung has finally outed its first phone powered by the Tizen operating system. The Samsung Z1 is coming to India initially, where it is av

All Of Samsung’s New Smart TVs Will Run Its Tizen Operating System

In its latest attempt to make the operating system happen, Samsung announced today that all of its smart televisions will include a Tizen-based platform in 2015.

The Samsung Gear S Is A Smartphone On Your Wrist

Announced back in September, the Samsung Gear S is the South Korean electronics company's sixth attempt at making a smartwatch. It's got the specs of a mid-range phone from a few years back and runs T

Samsung’s New Smart TV Development Platform Runs On Tizen

Samsung is hoping to make it easier for developers to build apps for its smart TV devices. As part of that effort, the consumer electronics giant has decided to enable developers to leverage the <a ta

Nokia’s Here Maps Its Future On Samsung With Its First Android And Tizen Apps

Opera may have taken some of the wind out of the Nokia brand’s sails with the news that its browser will be replacing Nokia’s on the now-Microsoft-owned, winding down, feature handset busi

Samsung Outs Its First Tizen-Powered Smartphone

Samsung is taking another baby step away from the Android platform today, with the announcement of the first commercial smartphone powered by the open source Tizen platform, instead of Google's Androi

Samsung Starts Updating The Galaxy Gear To Tizen To Give It Better Battery Life And More

The new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch closely resembles its predecessor, the Galaxy Gear, and in fact most users might not be aware from its UI that it’s actually running a different OS than the old

Samsung Said To Be Planning A SIM-Equipped Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung is in talks with SK Telecom to release a version of the Gear 2 which has its own SIM and can make calls without needing a smartphone connection, according to a new report from The Korea Herald

Samsung Releases SDK For Galaxy Gear 2 & Gear Neo

Samsung has just released an SDK for its Tizen-based smartwatches, the Gear 2 and Gear Neo, in the hopes that developers will pick up its wearable baton and run with it.

Samsung Said To Be Tapping Tizen For Next Generation Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung is taking a completely different approach to its next-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch, according to a new report from USA Today – that means eschewing Android altogether on the on-device O

Orange Throws Its Weight Behind Tizen OS, With Phones Launching In France In Q3 — Other Markets In 2014

All the mobile OS underdogs are coming out to play at this year's Mobile World Congress, rushing in to fill the void left by Google's lack of any Android marketing mania. Now it's Tizen's turn. At an

Following Rumours Of DoCoMo Tie-Up, Samsung Confirms It Will Launch Tizen-Based Devices This Year

At the end of last month we reported rumours that Samsung was planning to develop Tizen-based phones, in partnership with DoCoMo. Now Samsung has confirmed its intention to build hardware for the Inte

Samsung And DoCoMo Reportedly Team Up To Offer Tizen Smartphones In 2013

Samsung and Docomo, Japan's largest mobile communication company, are joining forces to develop <a target="_blank" href="https://www.tizen.org/">Tizen</a>, an open source OS that supporters hope will

Coming To A Car Near You: Linux Goes Automotive, Signs Up Harman, Intel, Toyota, Samsung’s Tizen, More

If, one day, we really are all going to be carted around in <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/08/07/google-cars-300000-miles-without-accident/">driverless cars from the likes of Google </a>and

Samsung Not Sold On The Bada-Tizen Merger Just Yet

I've long wondered what exactly Samsung would do with their homegrown Bada operating system, and for a little while there the answer seemed clear -- Samsung SVP Tae-jin Kang recently noted that Bada w