• TicketLeap Introduces Seating Chart Design Tools For Ambitious Event Planners

    TicketLeap Introduces Seating Chart Design Tools For Ambitious Event Planners

    Sure there are services to sell tickets to arenas and event spaces (not to mention parties and the like) but thus far there hasn’t been a good way to allow customers to pick their seats. TicketLeap, a ticketing website, has solved that problem. Wedding planners don’t get too excited yet: the system is mostly for folks who run bigger event spaces like halls and arenas. You can lay… Read More

  • Ticketea secures new funding to expand its social event management service

    [Spain] Ticketea, a Spanish startup centered on event promotion and management, has secured a further round of funding after raising $280,000 last summer. In line with most early-stage funding in Spain, it’s on the small side: €100,000 from an undisclosed business angel and €100,000 from public credit fund ENISA. Ticketea operates in particularly crowded sector. Locally… Read More

  • Spanish start up Ticketea raises $280,000 for online ticketing

    Though the consolidation of Web 2.0 services in the last years has changed the way we use the Internet, some online services have remained almost unchanged for the last 5 or 10 years. Buying and selling tickets seems to be one of these areas. So far, US companies like Eventbrite or Ticketleap dominate this market, although Germany’s Amiando is giving them a run for their money and… Read More

  • TicketLeap Goes Anywhere With Online DIY Box Office Solution

    TicketLeap, the Philadelphia-based provider of Internet ticketing services for event organizers, recently launched a product that turns any Internet-enabled computer with a browser into a functional box-office ticketing system. The new product, dubbed Anywhere, allows organizers of events – big or small – to facilitate the online handling of ticket sales at the venue door or… Read More

  • TicketLeap Gets $2 Million For Modest-Sized Event Ticketing

    TicketLeap, a service that helps promoters sell tickets to their events though a self-serve platform, has raised $2 million in a Series A funding round led by MentorTech Ventures and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. TicketLeap differentiates itself from large ticket vendors by catering to small companies and events. Rather than charge event coordinators for selling their tickets… Read More