TicketLeap Introduces Seating Chart Design Tools For Ambitious Event Planners

Sure there are services to sell tickets to arenas and event spaces (not to mention parties and the like) but thus far there hasn’t been a good way to allow customers to pick their seats. TicketLeap, a ticketing website, has solved that problem.

Wedding planners don’t get too excited yet: the system is mostly for folks who run bigger event spaces like halls and arenas. You can lay out your space using TicketLeap’s browser-based tools and add various features like bathrooms, Wi-Fi points, and handicapped access spots.

I’ve seen a few startups in this space, including one promising one that actually allows you to create seating charts for parties and smaller events, but this is an interesting start, especially in the stagnant world of event ticketing.

Seats can be color-coded according to price and all layouts are stored in the cloud for future use. Definitely handy for organizing the spectators at your next game at the old ōllamaliztli court.