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Spanish start up Ticketea raises $280,000 for online ticketing

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Though the consolidation of Web 2.0 services in the last years has changed the way we use the Internet, some online services have remained almost unchanged for the last 5 or 10 years. Buying and selling tickets seems to be one of these areas.

So far, US companies like Eventbrite or Ticketleap dominate this market, although Germany’s Amiando is giving them a run for their money and Belgium’s Oxynade is gearing up for launch.

Now Spanish startup Ticketea, an online service that tries to boost the traditional management of events, has entered the game, raising a modest $280,000 and will launch in the next few weeks. The company will be based in Spain and is backed by American and Spanish business angels. Investors include Jaime Diaz, founder and CEO of the NYC Investment company, Worldwide Wealth Management. Diaz is also an experienced investor in relevant Internet companies such as Digital Domain, Artica or Domin-8.

This Spanish company aims to develop a different way to promote events and sell tickets for small and medium size event organizers by levering 2.0 tools, and will try to make organizers’ life easier in six areas when it comes to manage an event: Attendees Registration, Event Promotion, Event Monetization, Ticket Distribution, Ticket Validation and Data analysis.

This will be the first venture of this kind in Spain, and was set up by two friends who came across this business idea when they were trying to organise a party in order to raise funds for a non-profit organisation: the 2009 Mongol Rally. Javier Andrés, founder of the venture, initially developed this original idea as a student project for the Instituto de Empresa’s Venture Program.

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  • http://www.linkingpaths.com Aitor García Rey

    This is by no means the “first venture of this kind in Spain”. We’ve developed http://www.stagehq.com and it has already been used in both big (http://www.madinspain.com/) and small (http://www.frontdays.com/) events.

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