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Is it better to be a private or public company right now?

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TechCrunch’s top 16 picks from Techstars April virtual demo days

Like other accelerators, Techstars, a network of more than 40 corporate and geographically targeted startup bootcamps, has had to bring its marquee demo day events online. Over the last two weeks of A

The Full Run-Down On All 13 Startups At TechStars NYC Demo Day 2012

The <a href="">TechStars NYC Demo Day</a> went down this morning, and thirteen new companies have officially come to market, ranging from a Pinterest for

Give Some To Get Some: Karma Makes Your HotSpot Connectivity Social

There's no such thing as pay-as-you-go with a mobile hotspot. It just doesn't exist. You pay for a monthly package, just like you would with a smartphone, and a chunk of it almost always goes unused c

Lua Organizes Any Mobile Workforce With (Duh!) A Mobile App

Lua, a company focused on enhancing communication and project management within mobile workforces, has just launched out of beta today at the Techstars NYC Demo Day. The software allows any mobile wor

Pickie Is A Personalized Shopping Magazine Based On Your Friends’ Social Mentions

Today at the TechStars NYC Demo Day, <a target="_blank" href="">Pickie</a> launched on to the scene. At its core, it's an iPad magazine that is totally personalized based on all br

10Sheet Will Cut The Bookkeeper Out Of Your Financial Equation

One thing small businesses struggle with most is bookkeeping — it's tedious, time-consuming, and it can be really confusing come tax season. Because of this, most folks turn to bookkeepers to do the

PopTip Offers Real-Time Twitter Poll Result Tracking, Hashtags And Correct Spelling Not Required

More often than not, a crowdsourced answer is the right one. Just take a look at <a target="_blank" href="">Estimize</a> — the anonymous user base of 6,500 users is <a hr

Professional Photographer Creates ConditionOne, A 180-Degree Video Player For iPad, iPhone

Danfung Dennis is a war photographer. He's covered the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was nominated for a 2012 Academy Award for his documentary, "Hell And Back Again." But he's ready to t

Wander Is A More Beautiful Yelp For All The Places

The best way I know how to explain <a target="_blank" href="">Wander</a> is that it's a love child between the information of Yelp and the beauty of Pinterest, but for all places.

Classtivity Makes Sure Finding A Class Isn’t More Difficult Than Taking One

Class. Most of us spend our entire teenage and early adult life trying to get out of it, only to realize that going to a class and learning something new is a walk in the park compared to a life with

Marquee Makes Any Publisher Look Like A Page Layout Expert

These days, everyone can be a publisher. All you need is something to publish, and you can throw that thing on a Tumblr, a WordPress blog, or even publish it as an eBook. There are plenty of channels

Bondsy Is A Social Network For Friendly Transactions And Trades

A new mobile social network of sorts has launched out of beta today at the TechStars NY Demo Day, looking to make transactions between friends a bit easier. Truth is, people have lots of stuff that th

Rewind.Me Lets You Explore Your Digital History, Then Rewards You For It

Technology is all about looking to the future, but with so many different virtual identities and social networks it's tough to keep track of who you've spoken with and where you've been. The Rewind.Me

By Keeping It All Online, Moveline Helps Out Big-Time During Your Next Move

The moving industry is ripe for disruption. Customers currently have to get a salesperson to come out and visit the house, inspect belongings, and offer up a quote. To shop around, you'd have to repea

Smallknot Helps You Invest In Local Businesses

What do you get when you put an AIDS activist, an actor and two technologists in a coffee shop? An idea to make the world a better place. Their project, part of this year's TechStars, is called <a tar