Bondsy Is A Social Network For Friendly Transactions And Trades

A new mobile social network of sorts has launched out of beta today at the TechStars NY Demo Day, looking to make transactions between friends a bit easier. Truth is, people have lots of stuff that they don’t need, but it feels wasteful to throw it away and it’s exhausting to try and sell it, especially to a total rando from Craigslist.

Bondsy instead connects friends, and friends of friends, across all of your social networks, making sure there’s no more than two degrees of separation between you and the person you’re dealing with. You can snap and broadcast pictures of your things direct from the app for friendlies to browse, buy or barter for.

See, Bondsy doesn’t force a monetary transaction. Perhaps you need friends to help you move and you “pay” them in barbequed deliciousness and beer afterwards. Of course, asking for some cash in exchange for your unneeded things is entirely welcome as well. Trading is also encouraged.

According to founder Diego Zambrano, people have been trying to sell and trade their things across Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. This simply creates a space for people to get this done with a certain level of discovery as well as trust, not only facilitating the sharing of goods but relationship building to an extent.

Bondsy yesterday secured a new round of funding led by Thrive Capital with participation from Betaworks, Chris Dixon, Patrick Keane, Jared Hecht, and Steve Martocci, for an undisclosed amount.

Here’s what Zambrano had to say about it on the Bondsy blog:

It’s evident that these people didn’t just want to write a check for an economic return – each one of them has rolled up their sleeves and has been extraordinary helpful as I’ve worked to take Bondsy from a concept to a full-fledged company. As a first time founder, it’s nice to surround yourself with people who are philosophically aligned. I consider them all friends too.

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