By Keeping It All Online, Moveline Helps Out Big-Time During Your Next Move

The moving industry is ripe for disruption. Customers currently have to get a salesperson to come out and visit the house, inspect belongings, and offer up a quote. To shop around, you’d have to repeat this process over and over again. But one of the companies out of TechStars NYC Demo Day, Moveline, streamlines the process by letting you do everything online.

The process is simple. You head over to Moveline and choose to either send in videos of your house or set up an appointment to FaceTime with a Moveline representative. Moveline will then take care of inventory completely, and suggest to you which type of service you may need, from DIY to vans to full-on trucks. But it gets better.

Moveline also tells you the things that will cost the most to move, like a chandelier that requires a special crate or an incredibly heavy armoire. But you’re always in control of your inventory. So maybe you decide that the added cost of moving that chandelier isn’t worth it and choose to put it into storage.

Once inventory is finalized, Moveline sends off your list of moving items to the proper moving companies, and quotes are then directed back to you as they come in from movers. You then have the option to choose between them and book your move.

Moveline pulls in estimates from all types of moving services such as local labor providers, full-service moving companies, freight shippers, portable storage movers, truck rental companies, and storage facilities, ensuring you are paying as little as possible to get your stuff from Point A to Ppoint B. And once you receive a quote, the quote doesn’t change, so you know exactly how much you owe come moving day.

Today Moveline launches out of beta to serve the NYC community for out-bound long-distance moves and in-city moves. People moving to the Big Apple from out of town are welcome to use the existing beta for their move. To streamline things even more, Moveline is also working on an iOS app that will allow you to do everything from the comfort of your smartphone, including the FaceTime video tour of your home.

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