Lua Organizes Any Mobile Workforce With (Duh!) A Mobile App

Lua, a company focused on enhancing communication and project management within mobile workforces, has just launched today at the Techstars NYC Demo Day. The software allows any mobile workforce, from a production crew on a film set to construction workers to salespeople, to communicate throughout the day on their smartphones. It’s a messaging platform, at its core, that facilitates one-way messaging, two-way messaging, conference calling and document sharing among every member of a crew.

So let’s paint a little picture.

A director or producer on a film set has about a million different teams to work with. There’s hair and makeup, wardrobe, talent, camera crew, sound crew, and probably a whole bunch of other ones that I don’t know anything about. Not all of them need to see or hear the same messages, so Lua allows the admin to categorize people into specific groups, either from the app or from a web dashboard.

From there, the admin can make an announcement and see read receipts for each individual to make sure that the message has been heard loud and clear. The admin can also require an actual response as a confirmation of receipt, in which case the workers see a Copy That button.

Messages can be sent to the whole crew, specific groups, or one-to-one, and conference calling is also available within the app itself.

Lua has already signed on clients like the Batman production crew, the Mets baseball team, and American Idol, and today announces a partnership with YouTube who is taking Lua to the Olympics this year. Lua is available on iOS and Android with an SMS app plug-in allowing every phone to get in on the action.

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