PopTip Offers Real-Time Twitter Poll Result Tracking, Hashtags And Correct Spelling Not Required

More often than not, a crowdsourced answer is the right one. Just take a look at Estimize — the anonymous user base of 6,500 users is more accurate than Wall Street 67 percent of the time when estimating the trajectory of a company’s stock. So it only follows that brands would want to harness this type of data, which is why PopTip has just launched into existence at TechStars NYC Demo Day.

The service offers real-time polling for any question and can handle misspelled words or responses that haven’t been hashtagged.

From there, pollers can see results fly by in real-time, and check out organized reports of each results page, which can then be shared. To ask a question, you simply write out a question (like “Who makes the best hardware?”) followed by possible answers with hashtags (like “#Apple #RIM #HTC #Motorola #Samsung #Sony #LG #Nokia), and cc/ #poptip. Whether you’re tweeting from the PopTip dash or Twitter the results will be tracked and sent straight back to PopTip.

For now the service only works with Twitter, but eventually PopTip will head to Facebook and be able to give brands more knowledge around long-term engagement and specific demographic data. This is the main differentiator between TwitPolls and PopTip.

Here’s a look at how it works:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/43857678 w=500&h=281]

Poptip Product Walkthrough from Poptip on Vimeo.

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