tech IPOs

How well did Klaviyo, Arm and Instacart actually do in their first test on the public markets?

Let's do a quick summary of results from Arm, Klaviyo, and Instacart, and ask how they perform once we allow for IPO-related costs.

Amplitude’s CEO feels his company would be ‘in a world of hurt’ if it hadn’t gone public in 2021

'There would be all this pressure to go public, but then there wouldn't be an appetite for it. And so [it would] be harder to get out.'

Cava boosts its IPO price range, highlighting appetite for growth stories

Given Cava's new IPO pricing, can we spy any good news for unicorns looking to go public as soon as they can gin up the courage?

Turns out most unicorns today are more myth than reality

Most unicorns never were what they were purported to be. Instead, a lot of startups were granted big budgets to LARP as unicorns.