Review: The iPhone 12 Pro Max is worth its handling fee

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is probably the easiest of all of the new iPhone 12 models to review. It’s huge and it has a really, really great camera. Probably one of the best cameras ever in a smartphone,

Whatever happened to the Next Big Things?

In tech, this was the smartphone decade. In 2009, Symbian was still the dominant “smartphone” OS, but 2010 saw the launch of the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus One, and today

HTC is gone

Gather around, campers, and hear a tale as old as time. Remember the HTC Dream? The Evo 4G? The Google Nexus One? What about the Touch Diamond? All amazing devices. The HTC of 2018 is not the HTC that

HMD/Nokia’s smartphones join Google’s Android One program ‘leading the charge’

Alongside HMD’s big bet on reviving the legendary Nokia brand and business through a licensing deal and a new wave of handsets that it is unveiling today at MWC in Barcelona, the company also an

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: E3, The Death Of Symbian, And WWDC

It was a big week in gadgets, and thus, a big <a href="">TC Gadgets podcast</a> it shall be. This week, we discuss <a href="

A Look Back On Symbian On The Eve Of Its Demise

This summer the veteran Symbian platform, which started life back when handhelds weren't phones but PDAs, will quietly pass into development history. Or at least its primary supporter over the years -

Android Accounted For 79% Of All Mobile Malware In 2012, 96% In Q4 Alone, Says F-Secure

Is it because Android is the most <a href="">popu

Nokia Confirms The PureView Was Officially The Last Symbian Phone

Symbian is now officially dead, Nokia confirmed today. In the company's <a target="_blank" href="">earnings announcement</a> that came out

See Ya, Symbian: Q4 Was The “Last Meaningful Quarter For Symbian Sales” Says Nokia

Nokia is slowly turning around its ailing mobile handset business and today that effort had a nice fillip, by way of some <a href="

Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

<a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has essentially been a smash hit right from its conception. The company hit <a href="https://tec

Symbian Gets Productivity Power-Up With New Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

The most notable fruit of Microsoft and Nokia’s close working relationship is certainly the handsome line of Lumia Windows Phones, but the deal has had its share of fringe benefits as well. Take

Update: Analyst: No Angry Birds Space On WP7 Affects Nokia Recovery (Rovio Says It’s Working On It)

Update: The CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed, has dismissed reports that the company is not developing its latest Angry Birds game for the Windows Phone platform. "We are working towards getting Angry Birds S

Windows Phone Inches Past Near-Dead Symbian In U.K. Market Share

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform seems to be picking up some steam across the pond, or so a <a href="">new report</a>

Nokia Announces The 808 PureView And Its 41MP Camera, We Go Hands-On

I think it's safe to say that the new 808 Pureview handset was a surprise to just about everyone here at Nokia's press conference. Not only did Nokia manage to squeeze a 41-megapixel sensor (no, that'

Android Beats iOS In European Smartphone Market Share, Still Behind Symbian

Europe is growing quite fond of Google's Android operating system, according to market research firm <a href="

Nokia’s Symbian Belle Teaser Gives Us Exact Arrival Date, Fails To Tease

Teasers are tricky. Companies have to find a way to get you excited about something without telling you what that something is, which can be difficult. It’s especially difficult to keep the secret p

LOOX F-07C: Fujitsu's Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone Unveiled

<img src="" /> It turns out the leak we <a href="

Is Fujitsu Prepping A Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone?

<img src="" /> Take this with a grain of salt: Japanese tech blog Juggly is <a href="

Parrot AR.Drone Works With Nokia N8, C7, and E7

<img src="">It's been a long time coming, but the four people who own Nokia N8s, C7s, and E7s can now play with the <a HREF="http://crunchge

Major software and hardware overhauls coming to Symbian/Nokia devices in 2011

<img src="" />It's not really news to anyone reading this blog that Nokia have kinda fallen behind in the smartphone race. Tha
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