Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

Viber has essentially been a smash hit right from its conception. The company hit 50 million registered users in February of last year, extending that to 70 million by May. But today marks one of the company’s greatest milestones: Viber has just surpassed 100 million registered users.

To celebrate, and continue to fuel that momentum, Viber is releasing new features and various platform support. The app, which essentially lets you make free phone calls, send messages or send photo messages over 3G and WiFi, is currently available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia’s Lumia brand of Windows Phone.

By any normal standards, support for all four of these platforms would be ahead of the curve, but Viber is stepping it up a notch announcing support for S40, Symbian, and Bada.

According to Viber, 1.5 billion S40 phones have been sold since the OS went live, meaning that these platforms still comprise a good deal of mobile subscribers in emerging markets. It’s a smart move for the app that wants to freely connect people all over the world.

Viber is also announcing that the Windows Phone version of the app (currently only available on Nokia’s Lumia line) will now be able to perform HD voice calls in addition to sending text and photo messages.

Last time we checked, Viber was sending about 2 billion text messages every month, but that has grown to 6 billion monthly texts, along with 2 billion minutes of calls per month. For the record, that’s about 10 million calls a day.

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