Nokia’s Symbian Belle Teaser Gives Us Exact Arrival Date, Fails To Tease

Teasers are tricky. Companies have to find a way to get you excited about something without telling you what that something is, which can be difficult. It’s especially difficult to keep the secret product under wraps when the teaser file is named after the product. That said, Nokia’s Symbian Belle teaser is now more of an announcement than anything else, and we now know the update will be available August 24.

Posted to Facebook, the teaser says “It’s almost time to try something new,” with a countdown timer that will reach 00:00:00 on Wednesday. Problem: when it was originally posted, the animation file was called “Belle teaser,” discovered by Pocket-Lint. Shortly after, the file name was changed to “teaser.” So much for keeping things mysterious.

Well now that we know the “when” of the situation, we might as well get acquainted with the “what” of Symbian Belle. Various leaks lead us to believe that a drop-down notification system will be included in Belle, along with a multi-tasking tool called Task Switcher. A new app store may also be in-tow.

If you absolutely can’t wait to get a glimpse of Symbian Belle, this is a video leak of an N8 running the new OS: