• Video: This is what Sweden's Pirate Party is all about

    Probably the name needs to change, but Sweden’s Pirate Party has its heart in the right place. It doesn’t aim to give everyone the right to download the latest Modest Mouse album from privatetorrents.com all willy nilly (as the Huffington Post implies), but rather to reform copyright laws so that they accurately reflect the 21st century. And as you may already know, the party had… Read More

  • Flint, MI will hopefully soon get its own biogas facility

    There isn’t a spot in the country that has been harder hit by the financial meltdown than Flint, MI. Forbes recently labeled Flint as the city that has the longest road to recovery too. It’s bad in the birthplace of General Motors and the financial climate is bad there right now – really bad. I know this first hand. That’s where I live. But the city might soon lead… Read More

  • Sweden's Pirate Party on track for 2 seats in European Parliament

    Those of you in Euroland are probably sick of hearing about the <european elections, especially because, as I learned in college, something like two dozen people in the whole of Europe even bother to vote. (Democracy deficit!) No matter, because it looks like some people in Sweden voted for the Pirate Party, whose raison d’être is to reform copyright law, patents, etc. In fact… Read More

  • Protesters take to the streets post-Pirate Bay verdict

    Whatever. Last week’s guilty verdict (that will be appealed till we’re all bored of the topic) in the Pirate Bay trial caused all sorta of comfortable outrage online. Now people are taking to the streets. I can’t imagine what they’re chanting at these gatherings: “We demand the right to download music and movies without having to pay for them!” Have these… Read More

  • Guilty: The Pirate Bay found guilty of copyright infringement

    We’ll probably do more with this as the day goes on, but quickly: The Pirate Bay guys were found guilty in their trial in Sweden, and will spend the next year in prison. They will also have to pay $4.5 million in damages, which one of the guys said he’d rather “burn everything [he] owned” than pay. Read More

  • Pirate Bay server heads to Swedish museum

    Hey, have you guys heard of The Pirate Bay? It’s this cool Web site that has all these things called BitTorrents. You just double click ’em and this program opens and then you can download movies and music and stuff. It’s gonna get real popular, you wait and see! In fact, a museum in Sweden will display one of the site’s servers as part of an exhibit. Read More

  • Internet traffic drops by 33 percent in Sweden after anti-piracy law passes

    That Swedish anti-piracy law just went into effect, and guess what happened. Overall Internet traffic dropped by a whopping 33 percent. And while authorities there don’t expect traffic to remain so long, they are confident that it’ll help change people’s habits. Read More

  • Airplane converted to hostel at Stockholm airport

    Travelers to Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Airport don’t have to venture too far to find a place to sleep. A converted Boeing 747-200 airplane now known as Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms, 85 beds, and is a quick ten-minute walk from inside the airport. Read More

  • The Pirate Bay's little-talked-about financier's adventures in extreme right-wing politics

    To me, the ongoing Pirate Bay trial is utterly boring: courtroom machinations, childish snickering (tee-hee, this random record industry CEO doesn’t understand the technical underpinnings of the BitTorrent protocol… do you?), etc. Wake me when there’s a verdict! One thing that did catch my eye this morning was this hot little item regarding one of The Pirate Bay’s… Read More

  • Europe gets a Halo 3 + Halo Wars Xbox 360 bundle

    Looks like there’s a “best of” Halo Xbox 360 bundle on the way, which coincides with the upcoming Halo Wars. Too bad that it looks to be Europe-only. (It was first found on a Swedish Web site.) That’s how it looks right now, that is. Read More

  • Mobile Life Subway Demo: Meet me on the 6

    A quick and cute location-aware demo at Mobile Life. This system asks you where you’re getting on the train and where you’re getting off. It then checks the timetable and tells you if friends are on the train with you. Obviously there are some privacy and logistical issues, especially on the New York subway, but it’s a proof of concept that shows you don’t need a… Read More

  • Dumb: Clergyman gets caught leering at porn using church computers

    A Swedish clergyman is in a bit of hot water after it was discovered that he used the church’s computers to download an insane amount of pornography. I bring this up because A) it’s funny and B) it’s yet another reminder to compute responsibly. Surfing whatever it is that tickles your fancy in the privacy of your own home, and without dumb script kiddies eavesdropping on… Read More

  • Swedish women more frustrated by computers than men

    A recent survey by Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla, (PC for Everyone) reportedly found that women get more frustrated than men over just about every aspect of computers and using the Web. While many women could say they find men more frustrating than computers, since we don’t speak Swedish its unclear whether the magazine included that question. Here’s Pingdom’s… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay adding SSL encryption in response to Swedish wiretapping law

    You may remember that a couple days ago the Swedish Parliament passed a controversial law allowing warrantless wiretaps and monitoring of internet traffic. While I’m sure this is ostensibly for fighting terrorism or something, it’s too tempting for media companies and telecoms to eavesdrop and listen for the newest Kid Rock album being transferred. In response to this law, the… Read More

  • Even the Swedes are being warrantlessly wiretapped

    Normally, when it comes to personal freedoms, civil liberties, copyright law and the like, Sweden has historically been the progressive vanguard. And their women are statuesque and beautiful (but have self-esteem problems, I hear). But I was saying: Sweden has an excellent record on these things in my recollection (and correct me if I’m wrong), but today they made a… Read More

  • Swedish anti-piracy TV program grossly simplifies issue to scare kids

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=swedish.flv Don’t you know that for every song or movie you download from ThePirateBay, you single handedly cause the untimely death of an artist? There’s an informative kids TV program being shown in Sweden, home of TPB, that shows a classroom being scolded for downloading left, right and center. “Artists want to get… Read More

  • Old Swedish Lady Gets World's Fastest Internet Connection

    Although likely 39.99999 Gigabits more than she actually needs, Sigbritt Löthberg now has a 40 Gbps internet connection. She’s never owned a computer until now but she did give birth to some famous Swedish internet guy. How fast is the connection? She can download a full high definition DVD in two seconds. That would take many, many, many seconds (minutes or hours, even) over your… Read More

  • Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop

    Sweden-based Flux has a designer LED lamp made of aluminum and glass called Barry that uses a curvy mirrored surface in the upper hemisphere of the 7-inch diameter device to reflect light from about 70 white LEDs in the bottom hemisphere. Although the lamp might be good for outdoor parties, at $1,100, I’d settle for some cheap tikki torches. Barry(Swedish) [OhGizmo! via Crave] Read More

  • The Gizmondo Story, In Words

    Wired is running a beautiful feature about the Gizmondo head Bo Stefan Eriksson and his constant and consistent scam-a-palooza that ended in the fiery explosion of a Ferrari Enzo. The Enzo has less than 6 inches of ground clearance, and at that speed, it took only a slight scrape under the front bumper to launch the vehicle. The airborne Ferrari landed in a skid that in a blink became a… Read More