• SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg On Why His Company Won’t IPO After Raising A Whopping $794M And What’s Next

    SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg On Why His Company Won’t IPO After Raising A Whopping $794M And What’s Next

    “We could go public,” SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg says, “but the cost of going public — of running a public company — outweighs the benefits.” As the founder of LAUNCH Media, which he took public before selling to Yahoo! (where he stayed for six years), Goldberg is familiar with the IPO process and isn’t in any hurry to repeat it. Read More

  • Community Monitoring + Analytics Go Large: Vision Critical Takes $20M From Omers

    Community Monitoring + Analytics Go Large: Vision Critical Takes $20M From Omers

    Vision Critical, a Vancouver-based developer of online community panels and analytics for companies like Yahoo, Virgin, Rough Guides and Banana Republic and some 600 other brands, is today announcing a $20 million round of funding from OMERS Ventures. The funding, which brings total investment in Vision Critical up to $23 million, will be used to expand product lines, support infrastructure… Read More

  • When It Comes To Phones, Men Are More Price-Sensitive (According to Vuclip)

    When It Comes To Phones, Men Are More Price-Sensitive (According to Vuclip)

    For its latest user survey, mobile video service Vuclip decided to look at why people buy the phones they do — specifically, at the differences between men and women. And indeed, there was a real contrast between male and female respondents. When men were asked about the most important factor when choosing a phone, the most popular answer (chosen by 33 percent) was price, followed closely… Read More

  • 1/3 of Americans don't use fast Internet

    According to the FCC, about 93 million Americans don’t use fast, broadband Internet, citing cost and complexity as a factor in their refusal to enter the 20th century. The study, below, found that 80 million adults and 13 million children either still use dial-up or don’t use the Internet at all at home, suggesting that either the survey methodology might be flawed or we’re… Read More

  • Nationwide Insurance: 80 percent of Americans want legislation ‘to restrict’ driving while using mobile phone

    We’ve already noted the dangers of driving while texting, but today there’s evidence that suggests many other people recognize the problem. A recent survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance says that some 80 percent of Americans support some sort of legislation “to restrict cell phone use while driving.” How you define “cell phone use” then becomes an issue. Read More

  • MacBooks ruling 33% of US notebook roost

    Well isn’t that nice: 33% of people surveyed by ChangeWave who intended to buy a laptop in the next 90 days would pick an Apple. Most interestingly, they’d probably pick up a MacBook Pro rather than an entry level machine. Read More

  • Shock: Research shows UK iPhone users are happy with their device

    Flickr’d New research shows that UK iPhone users are as happy as can be with their device, despite some of the earlier hiccups associated with the iPhone 3G’s launch. The survey, conducted by a research company Wavemetrix, suggests that it’s the apps, stupid, that make the iPhone so gosh darn attractive. One user said that he checks daily for new apps, and that he buys… Read More

  • Apple ranks second in gay-friendly companies

    A recent study of 2,259 people aged 18 to 64 (1,502 straight and 757 gay) found Apple to be the second most gay-friendly company behind the Bravo television network, according to MacNN. Apparently “23 percent of the general population and 39 percent of the gay/lesbian group [called] the company ‘strongly’ gay-friendly.” The survey was administered by an ad agency… Read More

  • Bad parenting solved with SMS

    Actually, not really, but Samsung commissioned a survey that basically says that parents who text are closer to their kids. The video is pretty dopey, but maybe we can all text our Moms on Mother’s Day. Unless our Moms work in Shanghai running a brothel. She probably doesn’t want to hear from you. At least mine doesn’t. Read More

  • Mobiode: Surveys Tailored for Mobile

    Now that people are finally accessing mobile content on their phones, it’s good that someone is putting metrics in place to judge how good that content is. Mobiode by Wirenode is a survey tool for mobile phones. Using the built-in WAP or WHML browsers on today’s handsets, site operators can ask user’s opinions on any range of topics, and get the results fast. In theory… Read More

  • Mobile Music Floundering?

    Entertainment Media Research conducted a study regarding the proliferation of mobile music downloads, which found that 44 percent of users had no interest in downloading music to their cell phones. The survey also found that only 6 percent of mobile users would download music from their cellular provider’s portal. These numbers aren’t surprising to me in the slightest. For all… Read More