Microsoft Brings Penny Arcade Artist To An Engineering Team To Work Out Surface Pro 3 Issues

Microsoft is gearing up to begin shipping its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and many have already had a chance to test out the latest in tablet/laptop hybrids. One early tester is Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik

Is The Surface Pro 3 The Perfect Microsoft Laptop?

The <a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="">Surface</a> has long been the embodiment of Microsoft's ambitions for Windows 8.

Fly Or Die: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Microsoft Surface tablet, as the latest generation of the Windows-powered Surface Pro is a clear step up from the Microsoft slates of yore. In terms of

The Little Surface That Didn’t

Earlier today when Microsoft's Surface event was wrapping, and Greg Chiemingo took to the stage to head off a stampede of writers trying to get their hands on the latest device, tweets were still kick

A Walk Through The Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s Ultralight Laplet

To top off our cavalcade of Surface coverage today, I present a very quick walk-through of the Surface Pro 3 with a special guest star. So far, the laplet (laptop-tablet) is quite an improvement over

Microsoft Will Continue To Sell The Surface Pro 2 — At Least For Now

Earlier today Microsoft took the wraps off the Surface Pro 3, a 12-inch device that starts at $799. The Surface Pro 2 was introduced in September 2013, making the new Surface Pro 3 a speedy addition t

Microsoft Announces The Surface Pro 3 With A 12″ Screen, $799 Starting Price Tag

This morning at an event in New York City, Microsoft announced that it is releasing a new Surface device, the Surface Pro 3. The new tablet hybrid sports a 12" screen, as expected. Interestingly, t

Watch Microsoft’s Surface Event Live Right Here

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Microsoft Likely To Break Out A Bigger, Not Smaller, Surface Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow in New York, Microsoft is holding a Surface-themed event that was expected for a time to include the unveiling of a new, smaller Surface device -- the Surface Mini as it was dubbed by the med

Apple Said To Be Planning Split-Screen iPad Multitasking In iOS 8

A new report from 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, who has a strong track record in predicting the future of Apple's software, says that Apple will be building split-screen multitasking into iOS 8, the next maj

Apple Patents A Surface-Like Touch Keyboard Smart Cover With A Trackpad Twist

Apple has a new patent for an iPad accessory (via Patently Apple) that incorporates keyboard¬†features into the design of a new smart cover. The touch-based cover resembles the one Microsoft’s S

Samsung Targets The iPad, Surface And Kindle With New Galaxy Pro Tablet Ad

Samsung is never shy about throwing shade on its competitors, and a new ad for its Galaxy Pro series of tablets is no exception. The new video calls out not only Apple’s iPad, but also the Micro

Yes, The Surface 2 With AT&T LTE Is Real, Will Cost $679, And Goes On Sale Tomorrow

After nearly every dot and tittle had already leaked, Microsoft this morning announced that as expected, the Surface 2 tablet hybrid with AT&T services is real and will cost $679. The price, carr

Microsoft Unleashes Slew Of Surface Updates, As Pricing For The LTE Surface 2 Leaks

Microsoft released a bundle of software updates this morning for its Surface line of tablets, including support for the Power Cover, which just went on sale, and improved touchpad input. Also out t

Microsoft’s Power Cover Debuts As Rumors Of The LTE-Powered Surface 2 Landing In Stores Abound

Two quick hits from the Microsoft side of things: The Surface Power Cover is now up for pre-sale, and the rumor engine is kicking around the bit that LTE-capable Surface 2 devices have landed in Micro

The Surface 2 With AT&T LTE Inches Closer To Release

Last October, Microsoft announced that it would roll out an LTE-enabled Surface 2 for AT&T's network. Sometime. The announced time frame was early 2014, and, sure enough, the device has just been

Despite Multi-Year MSFT Surface Deal, Nearly All NFL Teams Use iPads As Playbooks, Says Apple

On today's Q1 earnings call, Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer bragged that "nearly all NFL teams use iPads as playbooks." This wouldn't necessarily be interesting, except for the fact that Microsoft

Surface’s Solid Quarter Lends Credibility To Microsoft’s Strategic Choices

If at first you don't succeed, take a $900 million charge and try again. At least if you're Microsoft. Earlier today Microsoft reported Surface revenue of $893 million in its most recent quarter, u

Holiday Survey Indicates Strong Performance In The Tablet Space By Amazon, Microsoft

This morning, online advertising network Chikita released a short report detailing the changes it saw in the tablet space after Christmas compared to the period directly before. The report shows a sma

Microsoft’s Surface 2 Shortage Persists, Will Likely Stretch Into The New Year

In mid-December, Microsoft’s Surface 2 inventory became extremely tight. Now in the post-Christmas period of the month as we move into 2014, Surface 2 inventory continues to be heavily constrain
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