Studio’s private group camcorder app lets friends create ‘episodes’ by combining 10-second videos

As younger consumers are shifting to social apps that focus on video and more personal forms of social networking, a new social app called Studio, launching today, is introducing a group camcorder exp

Google Cloud launches BigLake, a new cross-platform data storage engine

At its Cloud Data Summit, Google today announced the preview launch of BigLake, a new data lake storage engine that makes it easier for enterprises to analyze the data in their data warehouses and dat

Huami and Studio take on Peloton with the Amazfit HomeStudio treadmill

Chinese wearable company Huami and fitness startup Studio are teaming up to build a connected treadmill, which they unveiled today as part of Huami’s keynote as CES. The most notable feature of

Fitness startup Studio is bringing its audio running classes to Life Fitness treadmills

Studio, a startup that delivers coaching, music and competition to treadmill runners' smartphones and smartwatches, is getting a boost from treadmill maker Life Fitness. Studio founder and CEO Jason B

Crunch Report | FCC Kills Net Neutrality

The FCC kills net neutrality, Snapchat launches Lens Studio and Squarespace reportedly raises $200 million. All this on Crunch Report.

Crunch Report | Twitter Bans Two Russian Companies from Advertising

Russia Today and Sputnik get banned from advertising on Twitter, GoFundMe starts creating content for some of its campaigns and Toyota is phasing out gas cars by 2040. All this on Crunch Report.

Studio makes running more exciting with coaching, music and competition

Jason Baptiste wants you to run -- Studio is all about "turning fitness into entertainment," while also making sure you get a good workout.

Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy

Tito Hamze gives an in-depth review of the Sling Studio, a multi-camera production studio that turns your existing cameras wireless and makes your phones into cameras with the ability to control every

Messaging To The Tune Of A Remix

When you’re speaking to someone who’s created a photo sharing app that has a social component, there’s a certain kind of mutual understanding. This isn’t the first time that this has been done

Meet Studio, The App That Launched A Million Designers And Counting

There's no doubt that photo-sharing is hot, but among the hundreds of services out there tackling the space, there hasn't been an app that has made a splash in photo-sharing in this post-Instagram wor

Inflatable Photo Studio Sets Up In Minutes, Is a Firetrap

Our buddy Charlie found this great Inflatable Photo Studio designed for photographers who want to, for some reason, have a controlled environment outside. It’s basically one of those big bouncy

Don't buy Lord Of The Rings on Blu-ray (yet)

<img src="" />So Lord of the Rings (hereafter called LOTR) is coming out on Blu-ray tomorrow. Cool, having it in HD will nice. Better

Apple fixes up Logic Studio to make me sound less like a tone-deaf yodeler

<img src="">I've never really used Apple's high-end audio or video software - I've tried Logic Express and found it to be a lit

Dell releases snazzy Studio Desktop towers

The latest in Dell’s Studio Desktop lineup sheds the trendy digs of the Studio Hybrid for a more conventional tower look. These ‘puters are aiming for the entertainment crowd with optional