street fighter IV

  • Video: Street Fighter IV in high-def looks mighty fine Street Fighter fans owe Akihabara News today. Their coverage of some arcade trade show thing over in Japan has resulted in a high-def gameplay video (you may have to go to Aki to see the high-def version, I’m not sure how the embed code works) and more than 20 photos of IV. The video more than speaks for itself, so rather than re-hash what… Read More

  • Capcom adds Abel to Street Fighter IV line-up

    [photopress:sf4_02_48_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,full,center] I think he’s…French? [photopress:sf4_02_49_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:sf4_02_50_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:sf4_02_51_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:sf4_02_52_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:sf4_02_53_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • Thunder thighs abound in Street Fighter IV shots

    Methinks these scans are slightly distorted, or else the art director for Street Fighter IV has a thing for squat, powerful young ladies (and beasts). Either way, I’m pumped for some SFIV, though my heart will always be with Samurai Shodown II or IV — Ukyo FTW! Anyway, check out the character art and a few screens straight from Famitsu.
    [via GamersReports] Read More

  • Super special Hadouken revealed for Street Fighter IV

    Now, I’m not sure this is in the proper sequence or not, but I think it is based on the numbering of each image. So SFIV has some special move to cancel a special move, according to Euro Gamer. Fans should be able to spot the enormous fireball immediately following the initial small burst. Do you see… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV demo next month

    I haven’t been to Japan in over two decades, so I’m pretty sure I’m due for a trip out East. We know Street Fighter IV is coming and now we’re being told that a playable demo is coming next month. The product manager spilled the beans on the game’s official Japanese Weblog days ago. If you’re in or around Tokyo on February 15th you may want to visit the AOU… Read More

  • The Street Fighter IV producer won't screw the game up

    [photopress:edg184.f_street.mov30_prev.jpg,full,center] Edge has the most in-depth, best written article on Street Fighter IV you’ll ever read (unless Vanity Fair decides to write about it). Longtime fans of the series—it’s my favorite series, followed by Silent Hill—will be pleased to know that the game’s producer wants to bring it back to its Street Fighter… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV footage *Drool* It’s 20 minutes of Hadouken fury so strap in. Read More