First Street Fighter IV sales numbers, live streams all over the place


It goes without saying that most of us here at CG are looking forward to Street Fighter IV‘s release tomorrow. The game has been available for a few days in Japan, and rough first-day sales numbers have trickled out. Between the two versions, Capcom has sold (remember, this is only for one day) 116,000 copies of the game. There’s reports that stores there are having trouble keeping it on the shelves; then again, there’s reports that say you can easily find the game. Pick whichever you want.

I have my eye on this MadCatz controller, seeing as though the Xbox 360 controller is rubbish when it comes to fighting games; I see that plenty of folks have sprung for the full-on arcade stick—monied gamers seem to fancy this Hori stick.

Watching this live stream of the game in action, I can say this: yes, the game looks great, and looks like it plays great, but my God in Heaven the announcer is terrible. He sounds like the fake-bad voice on G4’s X-Play. You have to watch the stream to appreciate (?) the terribleness, I suppose.

Also, funny: in this live stream, the main guy is playing as Ken, and he beats his online opponent. Two seconds later he gets an XBL message: “Ken is for scrubs,” then the guy blocks messages from the sore loser.