Piracy Scares Capcom Away From Releasing PC Port Of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Looks like we won’t be playing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on the PC anytime soon. (Meh: we’re all busy playing Civilization V and F1 2010.) Capcom blames piracy, as always.

The game, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show a few days ago, won’t be coming to the PC (despite the fact that the arcade board it runs on is little more than a PC) because of Capcom’s concerns over piracy.

The PC is “number one in piracy,” said Capcom. And while it’s all well and good that people like the game enough to pirate it, Capcom doesn’t want the perception to be that one version of the game is essentially “free.”

Why not exclusively release a Steam version? Capcom says that wouldn’t be “fair” to people who aren’t able to download games from Steam.

My guess would be that the two extra characters, Yun and Yang, will be released as a DLC at some point. Good thing I already bought the Xbox 360 version (of both Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, no less) some months ago.

I’m going to blame every one of my failings—and there are plenty—on piracy. Everyone else is doing it!