Street Fighter IV special edition rocks your world: The game, HD anime movie, figurine & more


Good God, the $80 special edition of Street Fighter IV is absolutely tremendous. You get the game itself, a “limited edition,” that is, not sold anywhere else, figurine (Ryu in the PS3 version, C. Viper in the Xbox 360), a 65-minute anime movie called Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind (Blu-ray for the PS3, and a special 360-only disc that contains the movie in 720p for the Xbox 360), a Prima mini strategy guide, a CD soundtrack and exclusive downloadable content (DLC) that Capcom refuses to reveal right now.

I think you’ll agree that this is one special edition that’s worth the extra $20. I mean, Blu-ray movies alone go for $30 a pop, so even if Capcom only included the game and the movie in the package it’d be a deal. But no, Capcom has gone above and beyond this time around. You’ll also notice that Ryu is on the cover of the box now, and not Chun-Li as was originally planned. If nothing else, Capcom knows how to please its fans.

It’s not even a question: I will be buying this special edition.

via NeoGAF