Obskur’s Character Creator and marketplace streamlines VTubing

To stream as their ethereal alter ego, Mai, a VTuber known as M41H41, typically had to juggle at least four to seven different programs. Running all of them at once, however, was both mentally exhaust

Twitch’s CMO says competition from rival platforms is good for creators

Though attendees grumbled about Las Vegas as a city, the community sentiment at this year’s TwitchCon was notably more optimistic than it was at last year’s convention. TwitchCon 2023 closed out a

Twitch’s money guy talks about the revenue split controversy and its monetization long game

Twitch has had a tense year, in part due to community backlash over policy changes that affect the way creators can monetize their content.  Last year, the company announced that it would end the 70/

TwitchCon 2023 was better than last year, but everyone hated Las Vegas

Compared to the shitshow that went down last year, TwitchCon Las Vegas was largely a success. The problem? Nobody liked Las Vegas.  This year’s TwitchCon appeared to mitigate last year’s crowding

Twitch launches stories for streamers

Ahead of TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch is launching stories for streamers to connect with their audience even when they aren’t live. Partners and Affiliates who have streamed at least once for 45

Twitch adds anti-harassment features to stop banned users from watching streams

Twitch streamers can finally block banned users from watching their streams, thanks to a recent update to the platform’s anti-harassment features. Twitch first announced the feature in August. T

Streamers are boycotting Twitch today to protest the platform’s lack of action on ‘hate raids’

Over the last month, Twitch users have become increasingly concerned and frustrated with bot-driven hate raids. To protest Twitch’s lack of immediate action to prevent targeted harassment of mar

YouTube’s Twitch-like ‘Sponsorships’ open to all YouTube Gaming creators, expand to YouTube’s main app

YouTube today is taking on Twitch with the launch of a new program that will allow gamers to make money from their channels through the use of sponsorships. Like Twitch’s subscriptions, which of