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Alternative seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods reels in $5.5M

Aqua Cultured Foods is using proprietary mycoprotein (fungi) fermentation processes to create whole cuts of calamari, shrimp, scallops and filets of tuna and whitefish.

Higher egg prices yield demand for alternatives

The avian flu, a shortage of cage-free eggs and a subsequent rise in prices in late 2022 seems to have provided an “in” for alternative egg companies to show they can compete.

Plant-based foods investor says her focus is more on teams than taste

Lisa Feria remains bullish on the plant-based foods sector despite headwinds. Here's what she’s telling her portfolio companies in these uncertain times.

VCs dish on why food tech investment was so light in Q3, while SAVRpak bags freshness deal with Jüsto

Food tech is experiencing a similar downturn in venture capital investment, and two VCs give their perspective on what's happening.

Yo! Egg cracks into US restaurants with plant-based sunny-side-up, poached eggs

Yo! Egg is going after the more difficult “whole egg” experience, having developed an egg white and running yolk for consumers who like the taste and texture of that style of eggs.

Nowadays puts its spin on plant-based nuggets

Its first product is a crispy, plant-based riff on chicken nuggets that is made with just seven ingredients.

Better Dairy slices into new funding for animal-free cheeses

Better Dairy is using precision fermentation to produce cheeses that are molecularly identical to traditional dairy.

Perfeggt brings in first capital to shell out plant-based egg alternative

Worldwide, over 1.3 trillion eggs are produced annually, and Perfeggt co-founders believe this market is largely untapped and has room to grow with plant-based alternatives.