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StarCraft II will be free to play starting November 14

It was only in April that Blizzard made the original StarCraft free to play, and now the company has done the same for its sequel. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, which is certainly the most-played rea

Blizzard’s Final Starcraft II Expansion Lands November 10

In case you were not tuned into the finals of WCS Europe earlier today, Blizzard, a popular gaming company, announced that the final chapter of its Starcraft II will touch down on November 10. The thi

Whoa: 12-Inch StarCraft II Statue Looks Mighty Fine

<img src="" />The least I can do today is point you in the direction of this bona fide work of art. It's the Kerrigan Zerg Queen of Bla

Blizzard: If You Cheat In StarCraft II We *Will* Ban Your Account

<img src="" />Let this be a warning to any of you who plan to cheat while playing <a HREF="

Starcraft II: 3 Million Sold In First Month

<img src="" />Starcraft II has already set the record as the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time, at least that's wh

StarCraft II: Already The Best Selling PC Game Of The Year

<img src="" />As if this is a shock to anyone, but <a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> is now t

Is StarCraft II Killing Video Cards, Or Is It Merely A Harbinger Of Bigger Problems?

<img src="" />It seems some users are blaming <a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> for the fact t

ATI Releases StarCraft II Anti-Aliasing Hotfix

This is just a heads-up for any ATI folks out there looking to add a little anti-aliasing to your StarCraft II-ing. ATI has released an updated driver, version 10.7a, that includes a hotfix that enabl

Want Anti-Aliasing In StarCraft II? Hope You Have An Nvidia GPU.

<img src="" />How long did <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> spend developing <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

StarCraft II Pirates Stung By Malware

<img src="" />Nefarious pirates looking to, um, pirate <a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> ar

Look At All The Fun People Had At The StarCraft II Launch

<img src="" />As every life form in the Milky Way knows, <a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> cam

Starcraft II activation might take forever

So I just went on the site to buy myself a copy of Blizzard’s latest game, Starcraft II. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it’s going to take 68 years before I’ll

Starcraft 2 digital version now available at [UPDATE]

<img src="" /> It's 60€ in Europe. Costs as much as a console title only this is the digital version. I guess I'll just wait until the

Got StarCraft II early? Doesn't matter because you can't play it yet!

<img src="" />It’s like I’ve been shot in the heart.

A 5 minute crash course in StarCraft history and lore

Tomorrow is StarCraft II day and I’m probably not the only one that needs a little refresher on the storyline. IGN has us covered.

No, Blizzard did not spend $100M to develop StarCraft II (but there sure are a lot of pre-orders)

<img src="" />You may have read that <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> spent some $100 million to develop <a

Activision has sunk $100 million into StarCraft II

One hundred million dollars. That’s quite a lot of money. If you factor in advertising, you’re looking at what is perhaps the most expensive game ever made. It’s not a chump bet, tho

Starcraft II now available for downloading (but not playing)

Starcraft II isn’t officially available until July 27, but you can avoid the rush and download it right now — for free! RIGHT NOW!

When privacy meets hypocrisy: Blizzard Real ID edition

<img src="" />If <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> wanted to spark a discussion, well, job done. The <a HREF=

Don't like Blizzard's new anti-anonymous commenting policy? Tough luck.

<img src="" />Let's get one thing straight: <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> is totally in the right here. Yo
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