Blizzard’s Final Starcraft II Expansion Lands November 10

In case you were not tuned into the finals of WCS Europe earlier today, Blizzard, a popular gaming company, announced that the final chapter of its Starcraft II will touch down on November 10.

The third iteration, called Legacy of the Void, will at once be a computer game, and Blizzard’s statement regarding the long-term viability of Starcraft proper as an esport. Starcraft II’s predecessor, Starcraft, proved a long-lived esports product popular the world around. Its successor has done even better.

Esports, often called competitive gaming, has grown in global popularity over the past few years. Starcraft II has been eclipsed in popularity by League of Legends, and Dota 2, but retains a deep fan base.

The exit of Twitch, a livestreaming gaming shop, to Amazon for around $1 billion helped to legitimize the genre in the eyes of non-gamers.

Regardless, Legacy of the Void is coming in under two months. The gaming giant debuted its ‘cinematic’ introduction today, in Poland, following the conclusion of a tournament. Starcraft II is generally regarded for its competitive depth.

Regardless, here’s the new film. It’s worth a view.

(Also, if you don’t show up to work that week, your boss will know why.)

Top Image Credit: Blizzard